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World Marriage Day


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

Project Description:

I wish to convey the gratitude and appreciation of St. Michael Parish to the District Master, SK Miles Brookes, for his presence and participation in today’s World Marriage Day Mass, at St. Augustine Church, Augusta. We thank His Excellency, Bishop Robert Deeley, Monsignor Andrew DuBois, and Lois Czerniak, from Harvest Magazine, for joining Father John Skehan and Deacon Jeff Lewis in this celebration. It was a wonderful service for the more than 300 congregants who attended.
Bishop Deeley, in his homily, reminded us that this celebration is usually held in conjunction with the 14th of February, which reminds us that, “It is the start of Spring Training for the Red Sox. Oh, it also is St. Valentine’s Day, which reminds us of the feelings, as well as the ACTIONS, of Love!”
Following the Mass, many joined the Celebrants in the Church Hall for a buffet luncheon, and hospitality.

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