Yard sale at St. John School




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Yard sale at St. John School


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our council, together with Corpus Christi Parish, held a yard sale in the parking lot of the now-closed St. John School. Parishioners donated household items, and many items came from the school building. Many hours were spent preparing and storing the sale items prior to the day of the sale, which was the 19th. On that day, we set up tables, brought everything outside and prayed for good weather, which we got. Winslow Co. 7300 also participated by preparing hot dog and hamburger meals from the parish-owned large grill. After clean-up, the proceeds were split between the two councils and the parish. Our council voted to use our share to purchase new tables and chairs for St. John hall, at our pastor’s request.

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