Youth Basketball Free throw Competition




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Youth Basketball Free throw Competition


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

The Knights of Columbus St. Thomas Council #13861 and Springvale Council #2755 sponsored a Youth Basketball Free Throw competition at the St. Ignatius Gym on River Street in Sanford, Maine on Sunday, February 23, 2019. This event was open to boys and girls from ages 9 thru 14.

Registration started at 12 Noon that day. 8 youths registered for the competition. 14 Knights and one volunteer ran the competition. Work included registering contestants, scoring contestants, recovering basketballs, preparing certificates for each participant, and awarding medals for each participant. Knights and volunteers also served pizza and soda following the competition.

The competition began at 1:00 pm and ended at 2:30 pm. Each participant was allowed 3 practice shots, then 25 shots at the hoop that were scored. Participants were as follows:

*Girls 10 Yrs: Ashley Morrell with a score of 10
*Girls 11 Yrs: Adriana Gauthier with a score of 4
*Boys 9 Yrs: Sawyer Cacace with a score of 17
*Boys 10 Yrs: Aiden Hill with a score of 10
Boys 10 Yrs: Michael Carpenter with a score of 7
*Boys 11 Yrs: Zachary Sotir with a score of 12
Boys 11 Yrs: Lincoln Cacace with a score of 10
*Boys 14 Yrs: Jacob Sotir with a score of 10

*Participant is allowed to advance to Regional Championship.

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