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2020-2021 Community Awards

July 14, 2021 by Dan LaLonde

Outstanding Community Activity – “A” Division

Title: Pandemic Food Drive

Our local community food cupboards were in great need due to the COVID-19 pandemic and at the request of our parish food cupboard organizer, council Chaplain and Grand Knight, our council held a food drive on Saturday, May 2nd at all parish worship sites. Following all CDC guidelines, 22 Brother Knights and their families arrived to help place totes in which for donors to drive up and place their items. They then arranged the items in the containers for distribution. Local television news crews covered this great event, which raised over 1,200 pounds of food and $700 for local food pantries in four towns. The outstanding activity in the “A” division goes to Pine Cone Council 114, Bangor.


Outstanding Community Activity – “A” Division

Title: Virtual Claws for a Cause

Our annual lobster dinner, which raises $2,500 for the local food pantry, fell victim to the pandemic this year. As the need was even greater than ever, our council decided to hold a virtual event this year, to which our council kicked in an initial $1,000. Over the next several weeks we placed notices in the parish bulletin, and our local weekly paper was kind enough to cover the event. Almost immediately donations poured in from our council, parish, community and local businesses. The week before Thanksgiving, we presented a check for a record amount $4,350, covering the food pantry’s need for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The outstanding activity in the “A” division goes to Monsignor William Cunneen Council 10020, North Windham.


Outstanding Community Activity – “B” Division

Title: Haddock Dinners

For the past 14 years, our council holds haddock dinners each Friday of Lent, raising about $6,000 a year. This is our main fundraiser. After we served three dinners in 2020, COVID-19 canceled the rest. Since the need continued, our Grand Knight and several Past Grand Knights decided to hold drive-through dinners the third Friday of each month from December to March. With March still to come, we have raised almost $6,500 to help our Brother Knights, seminarians, Special Olympics, and several other youth and community groups. Thanks to this dinner, we LEAVE NO NEIGHBOR BEHIND. The outstanding activity in the “B” division goes to Saint Anne Council 10221 Gorham


Outstanding Community Activity – “B” Division

Title: Haddock Dinners

For the past 14 years, our council holds haddock dinners each Friday of Lent, raising about $6,000 a year. This is our main fundraiser. After we served three dinners in 2020, COVID-19 canceled the rest. Since the need continued, our Grand Knight and several Past Grand Knights decided to hold drive-through dinners the third Friday of each month from December to March. With March still to come, we have raised almost $6,500 to help our Brother Knights, seminarians, Special Olympics, and several other youth and community groups. Thanks to this dinner, we LEAVE NO NEIGHBOR BEHIND. The outstanding activity in the “B” division goes to Saint Anne Council 10221,



Supreme Award

Title: Game Meat for Food Pantry

One of our Brother Knights is a licensed butcher who along with his son, also a member of our council, provides services for local sportsmen and the Maine Warden Service. This year, they butchered an illegally harvested deer and young moose the Warden Service had brought in to hold as evidence. When the evidence was not requested by the court, the Warden Service decided to give the meat to our Brother Knight. He immediately donated the meat to our parish food pantry, which they enthusiastically accepted. He truly chose to Leave No Neighbor Behind. The Supreme Community Activity Award goes to Saint Martin of Tours Council 680, Millinocket.


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Community Director Update

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Community Director—Anthony Alfiero


Congratulations on another great fraternal year!! WE DID IT!!! With your help we did over $100,000 in the Tootsie Roll Drive! Convention was awesome to find out what had happened!! Personally, I thought Faith in Action was Great!!!


Brothers Community Programs in Faith in Action consist of:


Required  Program***
Helping Hands

Featured Programs**
Coats for Kids
Global Wheelchair Mission
Habitat for Humanity

Suggested Programs*
Free Throw Championship
Catholic Citizen Essay Contest
Soccer Challenge

If your council does one featured, and one required, and 2 suggested in each program area be sure to fill out the SP-7.


Thank you Brother Knights and your families for what we all have accomplished and the best is yet to come!! Brothers, the 2019-2020 Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities has started. That is, the Tootsie Roll Drive. Remember, if you would like to donate to Maine Special Olympics, please consider sponsoring a Maine Special Olympics Lobster Dip Team, When you fill out the Council portion of your Drive paperwork. We give 100% of money raised to Maine Special Olympics. Please help us brothers! We also need brothers to dip with us January 1 at the Brunswick Hotel in Old Orchard Beach


In closing, great job brothers all! All that is left is moving forward!


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International Wheelchair Day

March 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Brother Knights,


March 1st is International Wheelchair Day. This is a wonderful opportunity for councils to help raise funds for those with a mobility impairment and to answer the prayers of millions of people worldwide who are currently living their lives without a wheelchair. A wheelchair allows children to attend school and adults the opportunity to provide for their families.


The wheelchairs cost $150 each to sponsor, and the funds can be combined with other councils in your district to deliver a container of 110 or 280 wheelchairs. If councils work together as a district to fund a container of wheelchairs, all councils involved will receive two credits in the Community section of the Columbian Award. In order to receive any credit in the Community section of the Columbian Award, council must submit their Global Wheelchair Report form #10071 to


The most efficient way to raise funds for the Wheelchair Program is to host a Wheelchair Sunday fundraiser in your local parish with the permission of your local pastor. For more information on how your council can host a “Wheelchair Sunday” visit American Wheelchair Mission’s website at and the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation at


Donations can be sent to the Wheelchair Mission in the US: American Wheelchair Mission, 2600 E. Seltice Way #A172, Post Falls, ID 83854 and in Canada: Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, P.O. Box75038, RPO White Rock, Surrey, BC V4A 0B1.


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Community Director Update

February 2, 2019 by Dan LaLonde


Congratulations on raising $101,370 for this years Tootsie roll drive or formally called Campaign for the intellectual disabilities program!! Great Job! Also as Maine Knights of Columbus Lobster Dip team we Raised $17,054 as a group!! We have one dip to do Polar dip, May 5, 2019 to help Aroostook County Special Olympics!!! Blood drives going well, And The Maine State Kofc free throw Championship is March 9th at 9 am at Old

Town High School. If any brothers could lend a hand we could appreciate it. Also following event is Judging Weekend at Black Bear Motel.

Brothers Faith in Action is upon us and let us Take our Faith and help all!!

Fraternally yours,

~Anthony Alfiero


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Community Director Update

January 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

My Brother Knights;

Happy New Year from My family to yours!! It’s another year and just back from Winter Meeting in Bangor with great news!! This years Drive for Intellectual Disabilities was the biggest in my 9 years with $101,370.16. The top councils, Wells $23,028.13 , Bangor with $8740, 3rd was Limerick $4600 , 4Th Old Town $4280 and rounding the Top 5 , Calais $3921.22.

Also Brother Mike Foster, State Faith in Action Director, and I are Co- Captains for January 1st Lobster Dip in Old Orchard Beach, we would like councils to sponsor at least one member from their council and help TEAM KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. We as Team Knights of Columbus raised just over $17,054 with only 10 Knights dipping. You can also help by using your Tootsie Rolls checks this year and next year by putting on the line “Special Olympics Maine Lobster Dip Team”!!! Brothers, it all goes to Maine Special Olympics!!! Our next dip is in May to support the Aroostook Special Olympics.We crushed it this year thanks to you brothers for supporting us and PUTTING THE MAINE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AT TOP TEAM!!!! MANY THANKS!!

After Winter Meeting, we have new councils doing the Free Throw Challenge, we have new councils doing coats for kids and a couple inquiring on Global Wheelchair, and remember a mandatory program is Helping Hands; This can be as little as getting some ziplock baggies and filling them with gloves, hats and gift cards and driving them around town and giving to people by the food pantry. The Maine State Council Free Throw Championship will be held Saturday, March 9th, 2019 at Old Town High School starting at 930 am. Registration starts at 9 am!


Fraternally yours,



Anthony S. Alfiero
Maine State Community Director


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Community Director Update

November 3, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Anthony S. Alfiero
Community Activities Director
Maine State Council Knights of Columbus
64 Gateway Commons Drive Gorham, ME 04038-1354
C 207 6505303

Nov-Dec 15,2018


Fall is here and all councils should be ending their Tootsie Roll Drives and returning their monies to me for distribution. The proper forms are on MAINEKNIGHTS.ORG under pages on right side, then hit Campaign for Intellectual Disabilities.  Looking for a record this year with Tootsie roll drive. Memo to councils, If you want to give to Maine Special Olympics and you want to help other brother knights to FREEZING FOR A REASON, Pledge to MAINE KNIGHT LOBSTER DIP, WHERE ALL OF OUR MONEY GOES TO MAINE SPECIAL OLYMPICS!! Update on this year’s Campaign For Intellectually Disabled as of OCT27, 2018 WELLS $22528.13 LIMERICK $4600.00 BIDDEFORD $3435.50 NORTH WINDHAM $3240.94 SANFORD $2582.42

Fort Fairfield hosted our only District soccer challenge, there were 16 Participants 9 to 14 years old

9 year old boy Ethan Milton from Council #1753- 235 Points
9 year old girl Sarah Hadfield from Council #1753-150 points
10 year old boy Andrew Gagnon from council #1753- 175 points
10 year old girl Mallory Cronin from Council #2524 – 215 points
11 year old boy Owen Sweeney from Council #2524-275 points
11 year old girl Brianna Levesque from Council #1870-145 points
12 year old boy Augustus Bonner from Council#2524-200 points
12 year old old girl Jacqueline Pelletier from council #1753-200 points
13 year old boy Blake Senal from council #1753-200 points
13 year old girl NONE
14 year old boy NONE
14 year old girl Eva Callioras from Council#2524- 235 points


Also with the cold weather coming remember to have food drives, blood drives; AND TRY SOMETHING NEW; maybe Coats for Kids Program, Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanity, or Global Wheelchair.


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Community Director Update

October 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Update: Community Director


As you might know the Knights of Columbus is moving towards the 21st Century, We are now doing Faith in Action ! New Community Faith in Action items are Helping Hands, this is a Mandatory program your council must do to get Star Council. What Helping Hands is designed for councils to take care for the most disadvantaged members of its community. Working at soup kitchen, putting gift cards and mittens in ziplock bags and passing them out in your community, and Work at a homeless Shelter. Coats for kids, Disaster Preparedness ,Catholic Essay Contest, Free Throw Championship , Soccer Challenge, Blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, and The Global Wheelchair Mission are some of the new FAITH IN ACTION PROGRAMS.Any Question just ask me!!

Columbus Day is coming and many Maine Council do their Annual Tootsie Roll Drive. First and Foremost, my goal this year that all 91 councils in that state do a Tootsie Roll Drive sometime this year. It doesn’t have to be done on Columbus Weekend either. You can start small and order 2 cases of Tootsie Rolls from me and do it at all masses at your church for the month, you can do it when its easy for your council. If you don’t want to do traditional way on our website there is sample letter to mail out to businesses and collect money that way. If you need help, just call or email me!! I will help you ! All forms are on state website, under Campaign for program with intellectual disabilities.

As of Oct 1st, here are your councils that are Top 5 in Drive for Campaign for intellectual disabilities

WELLS $14,465.00
BIDDEFORD $2442.50
FALMOUTH $2180.01
RUMFORD $1839.32

Note Wells is using our letter program. Biddeford runs multiple drives, so if you want that FAMOUS PLAQUE AT CONVENTION, Start soon!! Next to Get credit for Faith in Action go on our Website and use the new electronic Faith in Action form. Brothers in closing, Think of this this is our Faith in Action Period!!

Fraternally Yours


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District 2 Soccer Challenge

October 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

District 2 Soccer Challenge


The Knights of Columbus Council #1753 hosted the 2018  District 2 Soccer Challenge Sunday, October 14th at 1:00 at the Fort Fairfield Athletic Field.


There were  16  participants ranging in age from 9 to 14 years old. 


District 2 is made up of the Councils from Caribou, Fort Fairfield, Limestone and Presque Isle. 


Winners at the  District 2  Soccer Challenge were:

9 Year Old Boy        Ethan Milton 235  points   From Fort Fairfield representing Council #1753

9 Year Old Girl       Sarah Hadfield 150  points    From Fort Fairfield representing Council #1753

10 Year Old Boy      Andrew Gagnon 175  points    From Fort Fairfield representing Council #1753

10 Year Old Girl      Mallory Cronin   215 points    From  Presque Isle representing Council # 2524

11 Year Old Boy        Owen Sweeney   275 points     From  Easton  representing Council # 2524

11 Year Old Girl      Brianna Levesque  145 points     From Caribou representing Council # 1870

12 Year Old Boy       Augustus Bonner 200 points     From  Easton  representing Council # 2524

12 Year Old Girl       Jacqueline Pelletier 200 points    From Fort Fairfield representing Council #1753

13 Year Old Boy       Blake Senal 200 points   From Fort Fairfield representing Council #1753

13 Year Old Girl       None

14 Year Old Boy       None

14 Year Old Girl       Eva Callioras 235 points       From  Easton  representing Council # 2524



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Safe Environment Training

September 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Brother Knights,

As we begin the new fraternal year 2018-2019, take a moment to review the below summary of safe environment requirements relating to the new Faith in Action model.

Council Youth Activities Require the Presence of Fully Compliant Grand Knight and Directors

The Order expects that you and the family and/or community director be present at all activities sponsored by the council where minor children are present to ensure that all Safe Environment policies and procedures are followed.

All Knights of Columbus activities where minor children are present require at least one member who has been trained and background checked and there should never be fewer than two fully trained members in attendance.

Visit or the Officers’ Desk Reference for more information.

Requirement Summary

Grand knights and program directors must complete the three required safe environment training modules within 30 days of notification by Praesidium, the Order’s strategic partner in safe environments and youth protection.

Family directors and community directors, (and Squires counselors, if any) must complete the three required safe environment training modules and provide consent for a background check within 30 days of notification.

Any directors and counselors who have not completed the required training and background check authorization within 30 days of notification are subject to removal from their roles. The noncompliant member, grand knight or the state deputy will be notified of removal(s).

Leaving one or more of program, family or community director roles vacant DOES NOT exempt the council from the safe environment requirements. The council must list a program director, family director and community director who, along with the council’s grand knight, are fully compliant with the requirements of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program in order to be eligible to receive the Columbian Award and Star Council Award.

Safe environment training and background checks from other organizations, regardless of source or provider, will NOT be accepted in lieu of the obligation to complete the requirements of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program.

Timely filing of the Officer Chosen for the Term (#185) and Service Program Personnel Report (#365) forms. Beginning July 16, 2018, the Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection, through Praesidium, will send email notifications to members appointed to the roles shown above.

If members serving in these roles do not receive an email from Praesidium by Sept.1, it may be either 1) there is no email on file with the Knights of Columbus, or 2) the council has not yet updated/submitted its Forms #185 and #365 (and #468 for Columbian Squires counselors) to indicate the members’ role assignments. Members should not forget to look for email notifications from Praesidium in their inbox or spam folder.

Email notification provides usernames and passwords necessary to complete the required training and, in a separate email, the link to provide background check authorization (when applicable). Usernames and passwords are unique to each recipient and cannot be forwarded or used by another member.

You may check the compliance status of the family director, community director and program director (and Squires counselors, if any) by accessing Praesidium’s Armatus Administrative dashboard.

  1. Scott Read
    Senior Director – Programs and Brand Management
    Fraternal Mission Department


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Abanaki Council places first Nativity in any US Capital

January 6, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Editor’s note: Abanaki Councill 334 also scored space on SeacoastOnline. See their article here.

On December 18, Abnaki Council 334 conducted the first ever Nativity Celebration at the Maine State Capitol Hall of Flags in Augusta.  This celebration marked the first time in Maine’s history that a Nativity was placed on State of Maine property.  The Nativity set was donated by the American Nativity organization, which strives to place a nativity set in every state capitol and this was also the first time the Knights of Columbus have ever placed a Nativity in any US State Capitol.  Governor Paul LePage spoke about Christmas memories, Council 334 also announced the winners of the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest and the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest.  3 choirs performed – St. Michael School from Augusta, St. Dominic Academy Elementary Choir and the Mt. View Chamber Singers.  State Deputy Norm Gray closed the ceremony with remarks indicating the significance of this event to the State of Maine, the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Church and all Christians.

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Texas Disaster Relief

August 11, 2017 by Dan LaLonde

Worthy State Deputies and fellow Classmates –


Thank you so much for the many of you who have reached out to Texas with prayers and offers of support.  We greatly appreciate the spirit of fraternal charity which drives us all to respond to the needs of Knights, their families and communities.  Know that we are also working closely with Supreme which has been very proactive in working to anticipate the needs we know are coming.


Like several other states, Texas has an active and experienced Disaster Response team.  The most immediate need is for funds to assist with shelter operations, daily food and relief for rescue and recovery workers and volunteers, and then eventually for direct relief of the most pressing of uninsured losses.  Progress can be monitored at our website homepage at and also at the Order’s Supreme website at


Donations may be made to our Disaster Relief Fund at sing/project/disaster-relief- fund or may be mailed to our State Council office at   6633 Hwy 290 East, Suite 204  Austin, TX  78723.


Please continue to pray for all those affected by the storm, those with significant losses, and those who will volunteer to assist in recovery.  The flooding in the Houston area and others is some of the worst in our history.  God bless them all.

Vivat Jesus!  Viva Cristo Rey!


Douglas E. Oldmixon

Texas State Deputy

Knights of Columbus

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