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Bishop Deeley Announces Day of Prayer and Repentance on Sept. 14

September 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

PORTLAND—In light of the recent revelations of past sexual abuse in other dioceses and the reports regarding Archbishop McCarrick, Bishop Robert P. Deeley announces that he will be observing a day of prayer and repentance on Friday, September 14. It will include the celebration of Mass at 12:15 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland.

“Anyone who wishes to join me in this act of repentance is welcome to join me at the cathedral,” said the bishop.

The day will serve as an opportunity for reparation for the sins and crimes of bishops in failing to protect our young.

“The last few weeks have brought a great deal of anger from laity, priests, and religious directed at bishops who mishandled cases of sexual abuse of minors in the Church. That anger is justified. I can think of nothing worse than this incomprehensible abuse and any attempt to cover it up,” said Bishop Deeley. “As your bishop, I am doing penance for the failure of some bishops to act appropriately to protect young people and who have failed in reflecting the holiness and integrity demanded by the Gospel.”

The Mass will also reaffirm the Diocese of Portland’s continuing pledge to provide a safe environment for children. Since the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People in 2002, the Diocese of Portland has been in full compliance as it works diligently to ensure a safe environment for all young people. Since 2002, over 15,000 Catholic Church employees, volunteers, priests and educators in Maine who work with children have been trained in a safe environment program, which includes mandatory background checks. In addition, in accord with state law, the diocese reports all allegations regarding the sexual abuse of a minor by clergy to civil authorities.

“There have been no current substantiated incidents of sexual abuse of minors involving a cleric of this diocese since the inception of the Charter,” said Bishop Deeley. “While this vigilance has led to a safer Church in Maine, the abuse of power and sexual abuse of minors in other dioceses continue to wound the universal Church, even with most dioceses firmly committed to helping victims/survivors heal and installing programs to prevent further abuse.”

Bishop Deeley encourages anyone who may have information about any case of sexual abuse of a minor by a Church representative to contact civil authorities and Michael Magalski, Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility for the Diocese of Portland, at (207) 321-7836 or at

“In the Diocese of Portland, we want you to feel free to come forward and speak to civil authorities and to us about these painful experiences. We strive to receive you in a manner that protects your dignity,” said the bishop. “We want to do whatever we can to help assist you in a process which leads to healing.”


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Vocations Director Update

September 2, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

REFUND SUPPORT VOCATIONS PROGRAM:  Vocations to the ministerial priesthood and to the consecrated life can only flourish in a spiritual soil that is well cultivated.” (Pope Benedict XVI to the 45th World Day of Prayer for Vocations, April 13, 2008)

Through the RSVP, the Knights of Columbus has cultivated this spiritual soil for more than 30 years. While the order has a number of vocations programs, RSVP is the primary program through which councils, assemblies and circles provide financial and moral support to men and women preparing for the priesthood or religious life, and every council, assembly and circle is encouraged to participate.   It allows councils & assemblies to “adopt” one or more seminarians or postulants and provide them with financial assistance and moral support.

Money provided by RSVP is used by seminarians and those in religious formation for tuition and books, car insurance and maintenance, travel during vacations, emergency expenditures and other living expenses. Knights provide more than financial support though; members write letters to students, sponsor dinners for them, invite them to join the council and, most importantly, pray for vocations.  Qualifying councils and assemblies receive a $100 refund for every $500 donated. The maximum refund a council or assembly can receive is $400 per individual supported.



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Maine needs Fatima

July 13, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

“Rosary Challenge” to Launch at Rosary Rally in Gorham on Saturday, July 14

Release date: July 10, 2018

GORHAM—A rosary rally will be held on the lawn of St. Anne Church, located on 299 Main Street in Gorham, on Saturday, July 14, at noon. Youth members of the parish will lead the praying of the rosary at the event. In addition to parishioners, non-Catholics and people who have never prayed the rosary are also encouraged to attend. Volunteers will offer rosaries and guidance for anyone interested.

The event on Saturday is the latest organized by “Maine Needs Fatima,” which hosted six outdoor rallies in 2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Mary to three young visionaries in the town of Fatima, Portugal.

“This year, we’re continuing the monthly public rosary rallies as we usher in the second century promoting the message of Fatima,” said Fr. Louis J. Phillips, pastor of St. Anne Parish in Gorham. “I would encourage anyone to attend these events. Our devotion to the Blessed Mother is a path to greater unity and joy with her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We would do well to heed the call to greater devotion to her Immaculate Heart and, along the way, we might just touch the hearts of the hurting world around us that’s in need of love and hope.”

Over 100 people have gathered at the rallies which have taken on different looks from month to month. For instance, May’s rally featured an outdoor Mass and, in June, a procession from the University of Southern Maine to the front lawn of the church preceded the rally. Another procession is scheduled for the August rally and an outdoor Mass is set for the October gathering.

“This Saturday, for the July rally, we will introduce the ‘Rosary Challenge,’” said Dan Kasprzyk, who, along with his wife Ellen, came up with the idea for the rallies. “Participants will be asked to take a photo or video as they pray the rosary in their daily lives. We will post them on social media to encourage the public praying of the rosary and increase devotion to our faith.”

Information on how to participate in the “challenge” will be available at Saturday’s rally and next week on the initiative’s website (link below).

In addition to the rosary rallies and “challenge,” the initiative has grown to also include a “First Five Saturdays” program at St. Anthony Parish in Westbrook that features the opportunity for confessions, a rosary recitation, and Mass. The Kaspryzks are also offering in-home visitations with the Fatima statue.

“Our Blessed Mother is calling all of us to renew our dedication to Jesus, her son,” said Dan. “What better way to honor Jesus and Mary than with these lovely celebrations.”

A website to promote the initiative ( will livestream the rally on Saturday. The livestream will also be available at

To learn more about “Maine Needs Fatima” including a schedule of future rallies, visit the website or call (207) 615-0575.


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Vocations 2018

January 15, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

A Prayer for Vocations

Loving Father, you sent your Son so that all might come to know the truth and be saved. With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, you continue his work through the Church. Your Son reminded his disciples that the harvest was indeed plentiful but the laborers few.
Following his instructions, we beg you to call many to ordained ministry and religious life. Grant them the grace to hear you and to respond wholeheartedly. May Mary Immaculate the mother of your Son, and the patroness of our diocese, intercede for us. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.





Worthy District Deputies and Mid-Year Meeting Attendees,

We are in the middle of the schoolyear. It is more important than ever to support the SEMINARIANS because of the crucial lack of ordained priests.

As an organization, we have fallen behind in our financial support of the seminarians. Just a reminder that councils should participate in the RSVP program. Remember that when donations of $500 given to  the Seminarian, Supreme will refund $100 when KofC form 2863, which can be found on Supremes’ web, is submitted with a copy of the check and statement showing check has been cashed.

Included is a copy of the RSVP form, and the poster showing the current seminarian information.

Please bring this important program to the attention of all your Grand Knights.

If more information is required, please contact State Vocation Director, Paul Ouellette via email: or telephone 207-402-0033.

In closing, please remind Grand Knights to inform the Vocation Director of all support given to the Seminarians.


Respectfully Yours in Christ,

Paul A Ouellette

State Vocation Director

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Vocations Handbook
2017-2018 Seminarians


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Catholic Men’s Conference 2017

September 25, 2017 by Dan LaLonde

Catholic Men’s Conference Portland Cathedral October 28th, 2017

The Catholic Men’s Conference is at the Cathedral in Portland on Saturday, October 28.  Door open at 7:30 AM, conference starts at 8:30 AM and ends with Mass at 4:00 PM with the Bishop at the Cathedral.

Registration is $50.00 ($30.00 for those 16-22 years old.  This is to encourage Father/Son or college kids)  $60.00 if register at the door.

 Here is the video inviting all men:

 Here is the registration for the diocese:

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New Patriotic Degree Uniform

August 11, 2017 by Dan LaLonde

At the 135th Supreme Convention in St. Louis, Missouri held on 01 – 03 August, a historic announcement was made by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson: the introduction of the new uniform of the Fourth Degree. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors took this action motivated by the best interests of the Order as a whole and of the Fourth Degree in particular.

The new uniform is part of a comprehensive and necessary effort to keep our Order relevant and attractive to men, particularly younger men. In light of this significant change, I thought it would be helpful to address some of the questions that have been asked about the new uniform.


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