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Latest Regional Training

February 8, 2022 by Dan LaLonde



Tuesday February 8, 2022 8:00 PM EASTERN

Saturday February 26, 2022 10:00 AM EASTERN



Wednesday February 23, 2021 8:00 PM EASTERN

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Maine Regional Training

November 14, 2021 by Dan LaLonde

Don’t miss this Live Opportunity for Regional Training

Eastern Region Training Director, and Past State Deputy of the District of Columbia, Brandon Brown visits Maine this week. Those brother Knights currently holding positions as District Deputy or a Council Officer OR may wish to hold these positions sometime in the future should consider attending this training session.  Following the District Deputy and Council Officer Training, Brandon will follow-up with Council Engagement Training (such as Faith in Action).

He’ll travel the state to facilitate three regional trainings.  Council 2524 hosts the first training in Presque Isle. A meal begins the evening at 6:00 p.m. Monday November 15 with the training beginning tat 7:00 p.m. A virtual session by Zoom is being offered, Meeting ID: 931 8665 4624 Passcode: 703498  or visit the calendar at maineknights.net for full virtual session information.

The second training will be in the Central Maine area in Waterville Tuesday November 16. Participation by Zoom is available at Meeting ID: 871 760 9418 or visit the calendar at maineknights.net for full virtual session information. Other details are not available for this bulletin, contact your local Grand Knight or District Deputy for more information.

Brandon will end his training tour in Westbrook for the Southern council training, Wednesday evening, November 17. Participation by Zoom is available at Meeting ID: 871 760 9418 or visit the calendar at maineknights.net for full virtual session information.  Other details are not available for this bulletin, contact your local Grand Knight or District Deputy for more information.

The NZorthern Maine Regional Training Video is now available. Some browsers may require you to download the video below.


Northern Maine Training Session begins 7:00 P.M.
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/93186654624?pwd=a1RYUnovbzVsa0lZTFczK3VPRGJlZz09
Meeting ID: 931 8665 4624 Passcode: 703498


Central Maine Training – 6:30
Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8717609418
Meeting ID: 871 760 9418


Southern Maine Training – 6:30
Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8717609418
Meeting ID: 871 760 9418


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Maine Knights mourn the passing of Reverend Renald D. Labarre

August 14, 2021 by Dan LaLonde

Reverend Renald D. Labarre




His life’s work was to help people grow closer to God, and now his labors have ended and has found his reward with his Father in Heaven.


Reverend Renald D. Labarre was born on July 6, 1934, on Pierson’s Lane in Biddeford. His father, Edmond Labarre, was from Thetford Mines, Quebec, and worked at Saco-Lowell Mills; his mother, Aurore Binette-Roy, was from Biddeford and was a homemaker who hosted numerous families coming from Canada to work in the mills.


At a young age, Ron’s family knew there was something special about him.

In childhood, he almost met an untimely death as the result of an unfortunate accident with scalding hot water. His parents, not knowing what to do, called upon Fr. Zénon Decary, who immediately visited to give him the Sacrament of the Last Rites. After spending some time with young Ron, Fr. Zénon told Aurore he would be ok because “God has a plan for him”. His mother and father didn’t tell Ron what Fr. Zénon said until he was ordained because they knew whatever the plan was, God would guide him. Ron believed throughout his life Fr. Zénon saved his life. Fr. Zénon’s legacy is documented and preserved as a potential cause for beatification because he was responsible for hundreds of cures and other events which defy explanation. A statue of him was erected at St. Joseph’s Church under Fr. Ron’s leadership, where it still stands today.


As a young man, Ron set out on a course to be a Doctor of Psychology. After graduating from the University of Montreal with a Master’s in Theology and Philosophy, he followed God’s call and entered the seminary. Ordained in 1960, he became a well-known and respected priest who carried God’s message wherever he was called to do so. He served in Madawaska (St. Thomas), Caribou (Holy Rosary), Millinocket (St. Martin of Tours), Brewer (St. Theresa), Lewiston (St. Mary), Auburn (St. Philip) and ultimately his hometown of Biddeford (St. Joseph). Not being one to sit still, he was blessed to serve as the pastor of religious education for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland and the Catholic Youth Organization, as it was known at the time. In 1993, at the request of Most Reverend Joseph Gerry, then Bishop of Portland, he returned home to Biddeford to become the Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church. The bishop believed Fr. Ron had just the skills needed to bring the Church back to its former glory. He raised money and developed plans to renovate the church and the rectory. His heart and soul reside wherever you look in St. Joseph’s Church. Fr. Ron was also very proud of the Christmas Open House held at the rectory for many years. He served as Pastor until his retirement in 2007 at the age of 73. Shortly thereafter he agreed to serve in Houlton (St. Mary) and Island Falls (St. Agnes) for a few months when the priest there fell sick.



He was Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus, the Edmund Labarre 4th Degree Knights in Biddeford, named after his father. In March 2014, he was inducted into the Franco-American Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.


Everyone knew it was going to be hard for Ron to retire. Fr. Ron loved people – wherever he was needed is where he wanted to be. Whether presiding over a wedding, funeral, Sacrament of the Sick, celebrating the French Mass on Sunday mornings or meeting with people to evangelize to youth at the local Dunkin Donuts, you could always hear his giant voice, get a big hug, and see the smile that lit up everyone around him. One of his favorite pastimes was leading religious pilgrimages throughout the world with friends and parishioners. Another great joy was celebrating Mass at St. Brendan’s in Biddeford Pool during the summers before he ultimately decided to move permanently to Ft. Meyer’s, FL with his best friend, Reverend Jerry Levesque.


He is predeceased by his parents, a sister Gloriette DesRoberts, a brother-in-law Edward Maxson and a nephew John Maxson.  He leaves behind a sister, Reinette Maxson of Biddeford, brother-in-law Richard DesRoberts of Saco, niece Michelle DiSotto and her children Jack and Gianna of Scarborough, a nephew Kevin DesRoberts and his wife Amy, and children Lilly, Lindsay and Lucy of Saco, niece-in-law Marie Wagner of Gray, and many friends too numerous to count.


The reception of the Body with vigil prayers will be held on Thursday, August 19th at 3:00PM at St. Joseph’s Church with visiting hours to follow until 7:00PM. More visitation will be held from 9:30AM-10:30AM with a Mass of Christian Burial to follow 11:00AM on Friday, August 20th at St. Joseph’s Church, of Good Shepherd Parish, in Biddeford. Father Labarre will be buried with his parents in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Biddeford. To view Father Labarre’s memorial page or leave an online condolence, please visit www.cotefuneralhome.com

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2020-21 Family of the Year

July 14, 2021 by Dan LaLonde

Family of the Year
The father of our family of the year is a Past Grand Knight, Pro-Life Director, and our council’s newsletter editor for over 25 years. He and his wife have been tremendously faithful leaders of our pro-life programs, both at the council and state levels. They have served on the finance council of the parish and parish school. She served on the board of directors for the Attic program for 30 years. They have also both served with Maine Right to Life, the Christian Civic League, and countless other pro-life and pro-family organizations. They have served as leaders in our parish pre-Cana marriage prep program as well. Time prevents us from going more into detail of everything they’ve done. Our Maine State Council Family of the Year is Gerald and Pilar Thibideau from Pine Cone Council 114 Bangor.

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July 14, 2021 by Dan LaLonde


Conventions don’t just happen.  They require a lot of planning behind the scenes, both before and during the event.  I extend my personal appreciation to the organizers of the recent Maine State Council Annual Convention for their outstanding work to create a meaningful, safe and rewarding experience for all who attended, either in person or virtually.  Thank you.

I would like to call out two specific convention events.  On Saturday morning, life program directors Lee and Bobble Malvin hosted a Silver Rose Prayer Service.  On Sunday morning, it was my honor to host a Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Hour.  Each of these events provided members with the opportunity to offer petitions and to share our faith.  Events such as these remind us of what sets our fraternity apart from others.  We are Catholics who band together with our families and our faith communities to better serve God and our neighbors.  I am sure Lee and Bobbie would welcome any inquiries about the Silver Rose Service.  If you have any questions about the Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Hour, please contact me directly for information.

In the 40 or so minutes that comprised the Blessed Michael McGivney Prayer Hour, attendees found solidarity, peace, hope and food for thought.  The prayer hour booklet, available from Supreme or free for download, makes it easy to organize and run this event.  If your council has not hosted this service, I strongly encourage you to do so.  I am happy to support you.

We await the arrival of summer 2021 with new optimism.  Close to home, COVID-19 appears to be retreating, thanks to efforts on multiple fronts.  This is not true, however, in many parts of the world where COVID is rampant.  Viruses are very adaptive and we all must remain vigilant.  God gave us free will to make our own decisions, but he also gave us brains which He expects us to use as we make those decisions.  We will be held accountable for the choices we make.

People of good will can look at the same facts and arrive at different conclusions about how to act.  I pray that we will all follow God’s command to love our neighbors, even when they make choices with which we do not agree.

We are all God’s children.  We turn to Him, our Light and our Salvation, to see us through this time and into eternity.

Vivat Jesus!

Spike Brimmer
Faith Program Director


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2021 Convention Awards

May 21, 2021 by Dan LaLonde
Still photos from the event are here. and/or found in the Photo Galleries menu above.

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Choose Life License Plate

November 14, 2020 by Dan LaLonde


I joined the Knights of Columbus at St. Boniface Church in Anaheim, CA twenty years ago within months after I converted to the faith from being an atheist for the previous 23 years. I now appeal to the Maine Knights of Columbus, every Knight, every Grand Knight, and every member of the State Council and Staff to support Choose Life Maine (CLM) today, to place a prepaid order for the license plate, if you have not already. CLM is in DANGER OF SHUTTING DOWN for lack of pro-life support.

I co-founded CLM with another brother Knight and in 2012 we started taking orders. The last time the Maine State Council actively supported CLM was with State Deputy Ray Sargent. Support has waned ever since. A handful of Knights, including our current SD have placed orders. Thank you.

If you do not know CLM wants to put a pro-life license plate on the road to spread a pro-life message and RAISE MONEY for every one of Maine’s Pregnancy Resource Centers EVERY YEAR. This year many of those centers experienced financial problems as they could not hold their annual banquet fundraisers and fundraising walks because of the virus. If they cannot afford to open their doors, they cannot use the ultra sound machines.
Here is an example of the fundraising potential of specialty license plates, the State returns $10 per annual registration to the specialty license plate’s sponsor or designated charity. In 2019 the Lobster Specialty Plate had more than 36,000 registrations. That approximates more than $360,000 for a state run Lobster Research, Education and Development Board. They had similar numbers in previous years. Just how smart are these lobsters? Source: https://www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/stats/Reg19.pdf  What could Knights do for our pregnancy centers just by registering their vehicle?

Our current authorization with the state expires soon, December 31, 2020 and unless the Bureau of Motor Vehicles authorizes us an extension CLM will be aborted. CLM currently has between 600 & 700 prepaid orders and we need an additional 1,300 plus. I have never given up on CLM. Today’s Gospel message was from Luke 18:1-8. Listen to EWTN Fr. John Paul’s homily for today on YouTube. His homily motivated me to write this post.

I am reminded of the Knights of Columbus principal of UNITY. On a K of C website it reads with unity a Knight “can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.”

Relying on the principal of unity, I appeal to every single Knight including every member of the State Council and Staff to lead our Knights by example and place a prepaid order for the proposed CLM license plate. I ask every District Deputy to convey this appeal with every Grand Knight and for every Grand Knight to every member of their council. DO NOT WAIT or it could be too late. I ask all of my Brother Knights to rise above Facebook’s community standards and support CLM today.


I hope I can count on the Maine Knights to live out their principals and place a prepaid order for the proposed CLM license plate. I am personally giving up my “Support Our Troops” plate in support of Choose Life Maine, unwanted babies and the crisis pregnancy centers. Without life there are no troops.

An order form may be downloaded from our website (www.MeChoose-Life.org). The link to the download is at http://www.mechoose-life.org/content/file/Application%202019%20rev1.pdf

I may be reached by email at:
or by telephone at either
(cell) 207-272-6883 .

If you call please leave a message if I do not pick up. I am praying for a lot of calls.

Father Michael McGivney pray for us.

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Virtual Financial Planning Events

May 15, 2020 by Dan LaLonde

Are you planning for your family’s financial future and want to work with people that share your Catholic values? If so, please join us for a very informative evening Virtual Meeting focusing on your area. Local industry experts will be discussing topics such as life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, final expenses, elder issues, charitable bequests, probate, and your family’s financial planning. Representatives from the Knights of Columbus will be on hand to field questions about the Order and their insurance products. The Knights of Columbus has received a Superior rating by A.M. Best for more than 40 consecutive years (as of January 2019, rated A+ Superior).

RSVP gregory.white@kofc.org for details

Wednesday, May 20:
Bangor (114), Belfast (3942), Bucksport (5756), Old Town (2537), Lincoln (5524), Millinocket (680), Benedicta (1859), Houlton (1873), and Calais (149)

Wednesday, May 27:
Pittsfield (4861), Skowhegan (2089), Fairfield (11303), Dover-Foxcroft (3172), Dexter (2625), Greenville (2368), and Jackman (2392)

Wednesday, June 3:
Grand Isle (8414), Van Buren (1635), Limestone (2851), Ft. Fairfield (1753), Caribou (1870), and Presque Isle (2524)

Thursday, June 4:
Portland (101, 11257, 14246), South Portland (2344), Scarborough (11747 and 8144)

Wednesday, June 10:

York (11940), Wells (9782), S. Berwick (10259), Sanford (13861), Springvale (2755), Kennebunk (12033)

Thursday, June 11:
Norway (5515), Bridgton (11376), Windham (10020), Gorham (10221), Westbrook (2219), and Limerick (8868)

Wednesday, June 17:
Rumford (2091), Jay (320), Farmington (2465), Lewiston (106, 10019, 12652), Auburn (8742), Lisbon (2358), Sabattus (13181)

Wednesday, June 24:
Bath (249), Augusta (334), Gardiner (1299), Waterville (13486), N. Whitefield (1423), Rockland (136), Newcastle (10897), Boothbay Harbor (10356)


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2019 Supreme Convention

August 15, 2019 by Dan LaLonde
K of C convention landing page:  https://www.kofc.org/un/en/conv/2019/index.html


Knights of Columbus 137th Supreme Convention – 2019-08-07: States Dinner


Knights of Columbus 137th Supreme Convention – 2019-08-08: Mass in Memory Deceased Knights of Columbus




Annual Report of the Supreme Advocate 276.12 KB 81 downloads


Committee Appointments 59.88 KB 224 downloads


Officers and Representatives 84.97 KB 125 downloads


Proceedings 2018 7.44 MB 213 downloads


Resolutions 2019 570.52 KB 89 downloads



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Faith Director Report

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Faith Director
Bob Dumond

Brothers, Hope your summer is going well! Congratulations on another great year.
As you may know, the FIA Programs in the “FAITH” category are:
◊ Building the Domestic Church ◊ Kiosk
◊ Holy Hour
◊ Into the Breach
◊ Marian Prayer
◊ Rosary
◊ Sacramental Gifts
◊ Spiritual Reflection
This month I will report on our RSVP program. Maine Knights of Columbus supported our seminarians to a tune of $16,500. This represented the support from 18 Councils and 4 Assemblies. With around 65 Councils and 39 Assemblies in the State of Maine you can see that our total support can be much greater. I know that some councils can’t afford to give $500 support to a seminarian. But you don’t have to give $500. You can do less and it’s okay. Send them birthday cards. Pray for them. Do whatever you can. Our seminarians are our future priests.
I will be updating this coming academic year’s Seminarian Poster as soon as the information is available.
Fr. Greg Dube is the new Vicar for Seminarians this year. I look forward to working with Fr. Dube on the Vocations Council.
For information on all the FIA Faith programs and more on the RSVP program go to: https://www.kofc.org/un/en/programs/faith/index.html

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Operation Wheelchair

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde


Operation Wheelchair Schedule

Joseph Murphy
Operation Wheelchair Coordinator


July 2019 2020 January
7-Jul Lewiston # 12652 1-Jan Gardiner # 1299
14-Jul Millinocket # 680 5-Jan Winslow #7300
21-Jul S. Berwick # 10259 12-Jan Lewiston #10019
28-Jul Ellsworth # 1036 19-Jan Waterville #13486
26-Jan Portland # 14246
August 2019 2020 February
4-Aug Biddeford # 12941 9-Feb Scarborough # 11747
11-Aug Dover-Foxcroft # 3172 16-Feb Boothbay 10356
18-Aug Falmouth # 15791 23-Feb Falmouth # 15791
25-Aug Portland # 101
September 2019 2020 March
1-Sep 1-Mar Westbrook # 2219
8-Sep Gorham # 10221 8-Mar Sabattus #13181
15-Sep Scarborough # 8144 15-Mar N.Windham # 10020
22-Sep State Council Officers 22-Mar Norway # 5515
29-Sep Lisbon # 2358 29-Mar York # 11940
October 2019 2020 April
6-Oct Dexter # 2625 5-Apr Jay  # 320
13-Oct Old Town # 2537 12-Apr Springvale  # 2755
20-Oct Wells #9782 19-Apr Bath # 249
27-Oct Rumsford # 2091 26-Apr Pittsfield # 4861
November 2019 2020 May
3-Nov Bucksport # 5756 3-May Portland #11257
10-Nov State 4th Degree 10-May Bangor # 114
17-Nov Old Orchard Beach #2266 17-May Brunswick #1947
24-Nov Newcastle #10897 24-May Skowhegan #2089
December 2019 June 2020
1-Dec Belfast # 3942 7-Jun Fairfield # 11303
8-Dec Rockland #136 14-Jun South Portland #2344
15-Dec Lewiston # 106 21-Jun Lincoln # 5524
22-Dec Auburn #8472 28-Jun Sanford #13861
25-Dec Augusta # 334

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A letter to chaplains from the Supreme Knight about the sexual abuse crisis

August 22, 2018 by Dan LaLonde

Worthy Chaplains and Dear Brother Knights,

The issues that have come to light concerning sexual abuse by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report are cause for grave concern among Catholics and Brother Knights. Many feel deeply betrayed by those whom they long held in high regard. Such concerns are shared not just in the United States, but in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere.

These sins of commission and omission have sent the Church we love, the Church we serve and the Church that Jesus Christ established into convulsions. Sadly, the disgrace not only is borne by the perpetrators, it hurts us all, as does the silence of shepherds who have ignored the cries of their flocks.

There are many wonderful and faithful laborers in the vineyard of the Lord among our priests and bishops. However, it is clear that in addition to devastating criminal acts, we have seen many other moral failings by clergy that represent a crisis of commitment to the Gospel.
Too often the needs of victims have been subordinated to a distorted sense of mercy toward the perpetrators or an instinct for clerical self-preservation. The sexual acts — both criminal and non-criminal — highlight the need to recover a respect for and a renewed commitment to the priestly promises of celibacy.

The Knights of Columbus has supported the pastoral and charitable work of our bishops and priests since our founding by the Venerable Father Michael McGivney. We understand that the priest should lead the parish and the bishop should be the center of unity in a diocese. But we — like all Catholics — are painfully aware of the wreckage that ensues when elements of this leadership are abdicated by evil actions whether directly perpetrated or covered up.

Now, the Knights of Columbus — laymen, priests and chaplains together — will have an important role to play in rebuilding the Church. We must commit the Knights of Columbus to work for repentance, reform and rebuilding of the Church.

Repentance should include a full accounting of the misdeeds by those who have committed them. Archbishop McCarrick and others at fault owe us a full account of their actions, motivations and cover-ups. After years of having us confess to them, it is now time for them to come clean about what they have done and what they have failed to do.

This will also help increase the recognition that clerical sexual abuse is a global problem that must be addressed at the highest levels of the Catholic Church. Moreover, priests and bishops who refuse to live according to their promises of celibacy should be removed from public ministry, not out of retribution, but for the protection of the faithful and to prevent future variations of the scandal we now suffer.

Reform must include many good ideas that have been proposed, such as a full and complete investigation of sexual abuse led by an independent commission that includes laity; complete transparency by the Catholic hierarchy into all matters of criminal sexual misconduct past or future; an expansion of the zero tolerance policy to include sexual activity or misconduct by clerics including bishops, and by seminarians; and a call for faithfulness by all members of the clergy, including bishops. There must also be an independent ethics hotline for reporting of criminal and other conduct at odds with Catholic teaching on the clerical state of life; and there must be protections against retaliation.
Such reforms will be difficult for a Church largely unused to them, and we must support our bishops and our priests in embracing these reforms in order to rebuild.

We can help to rebuild our Church in several ways. Above all else, Knights — and our chaplains — must embrace love of God and love of neighbor. This is Christ’s great commandment and the founding mission of our Order. It is also exactly the opposite of the rejection of God and exploitation of neighbor that our Church has witnessed in these scandals.

Shortly before becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger decried the “filth” in the Church “even among those, who in the priesthood, ought to belong totally” to Christ. He also provided the antidote, stating at other times that what the Church needs now more than anything else is “saints.” Pope Francis reiterated Pope Benedict’s sentiments in his letter on Aug. 20.

In the days ahead, the Knights of Columbus will help renew our Church on a national level through a Novena of Masses in reparation for these sins that have so grievously wounded the Body of Christ. I take this opportunity to ask that you offer this Novena of Masses for our Church at your earliest opportunity.

Beginning in November, the Knights of Columbus will sponsor, in cooperation with the Shrine of St. Jean Vianney in Ars, France, a national tour of the relic of the heart of this great patron saint of priests. In the coming weeks, I will share more details with you about this initiative.

We will also continue to strengthen and rebuild our Church at the level of our families and parishes through our Building the Domestic Church program. Its twin elements of imbuing families with faith and strengthening parish life are critical to providing a Catholic Church that rebuilds based on the Gospel principles of love of God and love of neighbor. Together with our recently announced “Faith In Action” initiative, we will strive to make our parishes truly become, in the words of Pope Francis, “a family of families.”

Now is the time for all brother Knights to stand steadfast in faith, as Catholics and as gentlemen. We will assist priests, bishops and our fellow Catholics in helping the Church chart a course for the future that puts Christ at the center, so that truly we may say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
This is the moment in which Knights — including in a special way our priest members — can be part of a great renewal for good in our Church. And as we strive to follow the Lord more closely in the days ahead, may he deliver us from every evil and in his mercy graciously grant his Church peace and unity.
In closing, know that your faithful witness and sacrifice can bring inspiration and hope to millions of your fellow Catholics. It will be needed in the days ahead more than ever before. And to every priest and bishop whose commitment and dedication to our Order and to our Church has been faithful and exemplary, please accept my gratitude in both a personal way and on behalf of the Knights of Columbus.

Let each one of us prayerfully invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that in the words of St. Maximilian Kolbe, our hearts would be cleansed and themselves become immaculate, similar and like unto her own heart.

Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

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2018 Catholic Men’s Retreat

July 26, 2018 by Dan LaLonde
Click here to get the full newsletter.
Note: Featured articles posted online will give you specifically what you want, but much is missed if not reading the PDF Newsletter. Not all content is posted here.


“Strengthened with power through His Spirit” is the theme for the 7th Annual Catholic Men’s Conference and the Maine State Council Knights of Columbus are co-sponsoring the event.  It is scheduled for Saturday 13 Oct 2018 at the Immaculate Conception in Portland. Faith Director Bob Dumond has been working diligently with the Core Team led by Father Dan Greenleaf and his brother Ken Greenleaf for the past couple of months.   Special $30 rate for teens & young adults age 16 – 22 and $50 for those ages 23 or older. Cost includes lunch.

To register for the event either online or to print a form and mail in, please click on the link below to the Diocese of Portland website:


The Diocese of Portland invites all Catholic men ages 16 and older to the 7th annual Maine Catholic Men’s Conference which will feature a closing Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert P. Deeley and presentations by Father Nathan March, pastor of Holy Savior Parish in Rumford; Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, a dynamic Catholic evangelist, radio host, and bestselling author; and Dr. William Martel, a member of Good Shepherd Parish in Saco, who was a Protestant theologian before becoming a member of the Catholic Church.


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