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The stylized ancient Roman libra pondo, or “pound weight” was the origin of what we grew up more commonly using ,in a more recognizable form, for the infuriating and nearly unwinnable game of Tic Tac Toe. We were soon to find it used in other walks of life as a number sign, and several other uses.


To today’s ‘millennial’ it is known for nothing less than a hashtag, or for the digital savvy of other generations ,it is at least most commonly known as such.


The hashtag has become one of the most recognized and powerful search tools of the digital era. Many news sources refer to hashtags in news reports to link their viewers with further relevant online content. So what is the secret of the hashtag?


Search engines are a great tool for finding what you are looking for, the most popular these days being Google. But even today to “Google” a topic, the results are peppered with commercialism and less relevant links.  Further the results are somewhat dependent on web developers’ key terms’ listed for Search Engine ‘Crawlers’ to search and index.


The hashtag puts search result results in the hands of the content creator. In short, in your hands. When pos ting on social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and speaking about your events and especially when discussing why you are a knight, try to always include in your post, most usually in the end,  #imaknight. (notice, there is a different from that and #iamaknknight—being Charlotte Christian School Knights)


As you become more familiar with the use of hashtags, you will likely venture into a whole new media experience. Take notice of the hashtags others might mix with #imaknight. But be careful, too many can reduce how effective they are.


Also, watch for how to use the @ (at) tag to  tag people or groups directly.


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