At some point, the idea that Faith in Action Reports for the prior Maine Judging Year were going to disappear or otherwise reset.

In reality, the Faith in Action report you see from maineknights is/will operate on the Supreme Fraternal Year of July 1 to June 30. The Maine Judging Year is a function of the Maine Faith in Action Director(s) where the online report is meant to be a tool for councils to complete their reporting to Supreme.

It is also lays the groundwork for other tools to be developed in support of Maine Councils and reporting.

A complicating factor in the reports is also the changeover from

The Surge with Service program with six categories to the Faith in Action program with four programs. As we pass July 1, 2019, a second report will more correctly reflect the Maine FIA Season to provide reporting tools for the Maine FIA Directors and Councils.

April/May have been busy months for all with Maine Convention preparations and all kinds of Lent/Easter/Spring activities. We won’t ignore the editor’s time was as limited as anyone else’s. We might also notice there was no February edition as well. Newsletter material has been sparse so the decision was to forgo these editions.

We might notice photos in this edition without description. While it is encouraging to see an increase in reporting, the absence of at least some limited text with photo submitted isn’t helpful in describing or reporting events.



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