Council Officer Duties and Responsibilities Training.

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Each council officer, whether elected or appointed, becomes a fraternal leader. A council can only be successful by working as a team. A team or council can accomplish far more than individuals acting alone. Thus it only makes sense for everyone to fully understand the duties of each officer. Every council officer or member will benefit from participating in this webinar.

Thursday – July 26, 2018 at 8:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Saving Time

Register and Attend – Council Officer Training – Duties and Responsibilities

In this webinar we will help you

· Understand the various roles and administrative responsibilities of council officers
· Incorporate teamwork into committee operation
· Build a “fraternal” calendar that works

Fraternal Training Sessions are conducted live and then available on-demand at a time and place convenient to individual members.

Thank you, and thanks to your council, for what has been done to help those in need! Register and Attend our convenient online training. This webinar is open to all, and especially all council, district, chapter, diocese, regional and state council officers. Please share so everyone has the opportunity to participate!!

Fraternally yours,
Fraternal Mission

Fraternal Mission Department
Knights of Columbus
Call: 203-752-4270

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