Faith in Action

Please extend a “thank you” to all the councils that submitted almost 1,000 Faith in Action project reports for this past Fraternal Year.  Per the website, 12,990 knights participated in the various programs with 80,286 hours of volunteer time being donated by brother Knights and 101,424 total hours of charitable man-hours donated over 342 project days.


As of March 1st any Faith in Action project report that gets submitted now will be for the new fraternal year.   As a reminder, our reporting period for Award Judging purposes runs from 1 March to 28 February each year (unless it’s a leap year).   Also, “thank you” to the 23 councils that have met the Maine State Council deadline for Safe Environment Compliance.  For Supreme purposes, compliance must be met by 1 May 2019 (correction from last email verified by Supreme Faith in Action Director Scott Read) in order to be eligible for the Columbian Award by completing the SP-7 Form.


For those councils that participated in the programs listed below, again thank you very much for the attention in getting these submitted:


¨ For Family of the Year, we have received four submissions.


¨ For Chaplain of the Year, we have also received three submissions.


¨ For the Charity Fund, we have received 12 submissions.


All of the Faith in Action reports and the three categories listed above will all be reviewed in some manner next weekend to determine who will be the recipients of the awards.  This can be a very daunting task and I commend all those that are in the review and voting process for their time, integrity and commitment.


God Bless,


Mark Bourgoin

State Deputy


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