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First ever Men’s March against abortion in DC District of Columbia

Maine Life Couple

Hundreds gather for first ever Men’s March against abortion in DC District of Columbia | June 15, 2021

The first ever national Men’s March, organized by Fr. Stephen Imbarrato and Catholic radio host Jim Havens, took place last Saturday, on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Men were dressed in suits while clerics wore their cassocks. A tweet showing Michael Hichborn, president of the faithfully Catholic Lepanto Institute, and his son praying the rosary together has been widely shared on social media.

Beginning at 11 a.m., the men gathered for prayer at Washington Surgi-Clinic, a late-term abortion facility. The abortionist at this clinic, Dr. Cesare Santangelo, was caught on tape in 2013 agreeing to deny medical care to a viable child who survives an abortion. The men then proceeded to march to the White House.

In a conversation with LifeSiteNews, event organizer Jim Havens warned young men who are considering taking their wives or girlfriends to an abortion clinic not to fall into the lie of abortion.”

“The truth is, this child is already here; this child is already infinitely valuable, as [are] you, as is that mom,” he continued. Tell her that you’re going to be there to support her, to support that child and step up as a man.”

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato counseled, “Every abortion wounds a woman, and a man is involved in every single abortion, so I think the abortion industry, the culture of death, wants to marginalize men and tell men, ‘It’s not any of your business.’”  

He compared the men of today to Adam, who blamed Eve after eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. “Men need to stand up, and stand up for women, try to protect women from being wounded and of course protect the most vulnerable, our babies,” he continued…..

Leviticus 18

21 “Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.

28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you”.

29 “Everyone who does any of these detestable things—such persons must be cut off from their people”.

30 “Keep my requirements and do not follow any of the detestable customs that were practiced before you came and do not defile yourselves with them. I am the LORD your God.”



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