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Maine State Council Health services director newsletter December 2018

I would firstly, like to think the State Deputy,  officers  and members of the Maine State Council of the Knights of Columbus for their confidence in me in appointing me in this position as the 1st Maine State Council State Health Services Director.

In this position: I find myself working closely with the Knights of Columbus Insurance fraternal benefit side of our beloved order. Specifically, Greg White and his agency located in Waterville, Maine.

In this position I have received multiple emails and am still figuring out the scope of this daunting challenge. All around us we are faced with multiple health concerns of epidemic proportions to include but not limited to the deteriorating health of our membership, flu epidemics, the degradation of society and its impact upon her health, and the all too well prevalent opioid and addiction crisis.

In looking at all of these circumstances that surround us; we may feel helpless and hopeless in many of these circumstances, but the one thing that comes to mind is the sentiment that “I am my brother’s keeper” this is so true; especially for members of the Knights of Columbus and their families.

However, the question is what do we do and how do we do it?

You’re all well aware of the steps that we can take prepare for the future and for that I would implore each and every one of us to contact the fraternal benefits representatives that are at our disposal 24 hours a day to search out the multiple fraternal benefits available to all of us; as they can help us prepare for the future.

Additionally, we can also reach out to our brothers who may be struggling. We can attempt in a fraternal and empathetic manner to have that conversation that we may have been putting off to be of assistance; and in our own lives we can be that power of example. We can practice moderation and above all, remember that we are brother’s keeper: not only during Advent and the Christmas season, but throughout the year.

As I continue with the help of my brother Knights and fellows Maine State Council staff and officers to continue to develop scope of this position; which at present is  someone of a referral type position at present, I would encourage the councils to look at programming that could assist in this endeavor such as blood pressure screenings, health prevention assessments, and programs that could reach out to the most vulnerable populations to include those with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Finally, as we look on our windows we can see that we are in the middle of the winter pattern and we’ve had snow earlier than in past years; please take the extra time to be safe and conscious; prepare for the unexpected, take care of each other, and involve all have a safe and blessed holy Christmas season


Your servant in Christ; Vivat Jesus

Miles Brookes

Maine State Council  Health Services Director

In the sidebar  you will find a reminder of the dangers of carbon monoxide as we find ourselves without power from time to time here in Maine as result of our winter storms; although snow can be beautiful. It also has inherent dangers. Please review the below and pass on to the brother Knights in your councils.


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