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2021 Convention Awards

May 21, 2021 by Dan LaLonde
Still photos from the event are here. and/or found in the Photo Galleries menu above.

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Choose Life License Plate

November 14, 2020 by Dan LaLonde


I joined the Knights of Columbus at St. Boniface Church in Anaheim, CA twenty years ago within months after I converted to the faith from being an atheist for the previous 23 years. I now appeal to the Maine Knights of Columbus, every Knight, every Grand Knight, and every member of the State Council and Staff to support Choose Life Maine (CLM) today, to place a prepaid order for the license plate, if you have not already. CLM is in DANGER OF SHUTTING DOWN for lack of pro-life support.

I co-founded CLM with another brother Knight and in 2012 we started taking orders. The last time the Maine State Council actively supported CLM was with State Deputy Ray Sargent. Support has waned ever since. A handful of Knights, including our current SD have placed orders. Thank you.

If you do not know CLM wants to put a pro-life license plate on the road to spread a pro-life message and RAISE MONEY for every one of Maine’s Pregnancy Resource Centers EVERY YEAR. This year many of those centers experienced financial problems as they could not hold their annual banquet fundraisers and fundraising walks because of the virus. If they cannot afford to open their doors, they cannot use the ultra sound machines.
Here is an example of the fundraising potential of specialty license plates, the State returns $10 per annual registration to the specialty license plate’s sponsor or designated charity. In 2019 the Lobster Specialty Plate had more than 36,000 registrations. That approximates more than $360,000 for a state run Lobster Research, Education and Development Board. They had similar numbers in previous years. Just how smart are these lobsters? Source:  What could Knights do for our pregnancy centers just by registering their vehicle?

Our current authorization with the state expires soon, December 31, 2020 and unless the Bureau of Motor Vehicles authorizes us an extension CLM will be aborted. CLM currently has between 600 & 700 prepaid orders and we need an additional 1,300 plus. I have never given up on CLM. Today’s Gospel message was from Luke 18:1-8. Listen to EWTN Fr. John Paul’s homily for today on YouTube. His homily motivated me to write this post.

I am reminded of the Knights of Columbus principal of UNITY. On a K of C website it reads with unity a Knight “can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.”

Relying on the principal of unity, I appeal to every single Knight including every member of the State Council and Staff to lead our Knights by example and place a prepaid order for the proposed CLM license plate. I ask every District Deputy to convey this appeal with every Grand Knight and for every Grand Knight to every member of their council. DO NOT WAIT or it could be too late. I ask all of my Brother Knights to rise above Facebook’s community standards and support CLM today.


I hope I can count on the Maine Knights to live out their principals and place a prepaid order for the proposed CLM license plate. I am personally giving up my “Support Our Troops” plate in support of Choose Life Maine, unwanted babies and the crisis pregnancy centers. Without life there are no troops.

An order form may be downloaded from our website ( The link to the download is at

I may be reached by email at:
or by telephone at either
(cell) 207-272-6883 .

If you call please leave a message if I do not pick up. I am praying for a lot of calls.

Father Michael McGivney pray for us.

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Virtual Financial Planning Events

May 15, 2020 by Dan LaLonde

Are you planning for your family’s financial future and want to work with people that share your Catholic values? If so, please join us for a very informative evening Virtual Meeting focusing on your area. Local industry experts will be discussing topics such as life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance, final expenses, elder issues, charitable bequests, probate, and your family’s financial planning. Representatives from the Knights of Columbus will be on hand to field questions about the Order and their insurance products. The Knights of Columbus has received a Superior rating by A.M. Best for more than 40 consecutive years (as of January 2019, rated A+ Superior).

RSVP for details

Wednesday, May 20:
Bangor (114), Belfast (3942), Bucksport (5756), Old Town (2537), Lincoln (5524), Millinocket (680), Benedicta (1859), Houlton (1873), and Calais (149)

Wednesday, May 27:
Pittsfield (4861), Skowhegan (2089), Fairfield (11303), Dover-Foxcroft (3172), Dexter (2625), Greenville (2368), and Jackman (2392)

Wednesday, June 3:
Grand Isle (8414), Van Buren (1635), Limestone (2851), Ft. Fairfield (1753), Caribou (1870), and Presque Isle (2524)

Thursday, June 4:
Portland (101, 11257, 14246), South Portland (2344), Scarborough (11747 and 8144)

Wednesday, June 10:

York (11940), Wells (9782), S. Berwick (10259), Sanford (13861), Springvale (2755), Kennebunk (12033)

Thursday, June 11:
Norway (5515), Bridgton (11376), Windham (10020), Gorham (10221), Westbrook (2219), and Limerick (8868)

Wednesday, June 17:
Rumford (2091), Jay (320), Farmington (2465), Lewiston (106, 10019, 12652), Auburn (8742), Lisbon (2358), Sabattus (13181)

Wednesday, June 24:
Bath (249), Augusta (334), Gardiner (1299), Waterville (13486), N. Whitefield (1423), Rockland (136), Newcastle (10897), Boothbay Harbor (10356)


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2019 Supreme Convention

August 15, 2019 by Dan LaLonde
K of C convention landing page:


Knights of Columbus 137th Supreme Convention – 2019-08-07: States Dinner


Knights of Columbus 137th Supreme Convention – 2019-08-08: Mass in Memory Deceased Knights of Columbus




Annual Report of the Supreme Advocate 276.12 KB 21 downloads


Committee Appointments 59.88 KB 21 downloads


Officers and Representatives 84.97 KB 20 downloads


Proceedings 2018 7.44 MB 16 downloads


Resolutions 2019 570.52 KB 20 downloads



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2018-2019 Supreme Awards

August 12, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Congratulations to the 16 Councils that will be receiving the following awards:

STAR COUNCIL (Membership, Insurance & Faith in Action)

  • 2219 Westbrook
  • 2368 Greenville

McGIVNEY & FOUNDER’S (Membership & Insurance)

  • 1870 Caribou
  • 2851 Limestone

McGIVNEY & COLUMBIAN (Membership & Faith in Action)

  • 9782 Wells

COLUMBIAN (Faith in Action)

  • 114 Bangor
  • 1753 Fort Fairfield
  • 2392 Jackman
  • 7300 Winslow
  • 10019 Lewiston
  • 10020 North Windham
  • 10221 Gorham
  • 11257 Portland
  • 11376 Bridgton-Fryeburg
  • 12941 Biddeford
  • 15791 Falmouth

Awards should be received in late September/early October to state, and distributed/awarded one received.

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July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde
Find materials from previous webinars here



 Council Quick Start Webcast

Thursday – July 25, 2019 at 8:30 PM (EDT)


Whether you’re in your first K of C officer role, want to know what’s involved in the role of a council officer or simply looking for new ways to help welcome new members, join us for the 2019-2020 Council Quick Start Webcast scheduled for 8:30 PM (EDT) on Thursday, July 25, 2019.


This webcast will include critical tips to help you hit the ground running in the new fraternal year:


  • Proven recruitment strategies to welcome new members.
  • 5 most important things Grand Knights can do today.
  • Overview of Council Officer Duties.
  • Turning Faith in Action programs into recruiting opportunities.
  • Reaching out to retain members.
Fraternal Training Sessions are conducted live and then available on-demand afterwards.
This webinar is open to all, and especially all council, district, chapter, diocese, regional and state council officers. Please share so everyone has the opportunity to participate!!


See you on July 25!!


Fraternally yours,


Gary Nolan


Fraternal Mission Department
Knights of Columbus

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July State Deputy Message

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

July State Deputy Message

July is the start of the new fraternal year and it is also the start of my second year as your State Deputy.  Although each day that passes will be one step closer to the end of my tenure, each day is also an opportunity to inspire and be inspired; to motivate and be motivated; and to engage and be engaged; of all the wondrous works of the Knight of Columbus through our Faith in Action Programs of Faith, Family, Community and Life.

We conducted our State Staff Summer Workshop in Bangor on 29 June and thanks again to Pine Cone Council 114 of Bangor for being such a gracious host with the use of the Church Hall and preparing a breakfast and lunch meal for the 30+ brother Knights in attendance.

It is unfortunate that some of our local councils will take the summer off, but many of you continue to meet, recruit, engage, and retain your members throughout the months of July and August.  It is imperative that we start out the new fraternal year in a positive manner.  We are a 365 day a year fraternal organization and in the case of this year, make that 366.

Each day and each event is an opportunity to recruit a new member.   Wear your “colors” and show how proud you are to be a Knight of Columbus.  Do so when attending Mass, a ballgame, a picnic, a social, etc.  These are opportunities to meet someone new or reunite with an old friend, strike up a conversation, and before you know it, someone is talking about how they can be a better man, a better Catholic, a better husband, a better father/grandfather, a better uncle.

This is a “God-Moment” where evangelization steps in.  It may be a “tap” on the shoulder, a handshake or a hug that sets the stage.  Either way, we as Knights of Columbus are there to serve our brothers (and sisters), not to be served.

If a Catholic gentleman asks about the Knights of Columbus, don’t whip out a Form 100.  Instead, ask them to check out the website:  www.kofc/joinus and they will discover a legacy of “Faith and Service” with Men who Lead, Men who Protect, Men who Serve, and Men who Defend.   This past year we recruited 20 new members via this online portal.

My wife Lois and I look forward to travelling again this year and we hope we have a chance to visit some new places and re-visit places we have already been; to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ and to rekindle the friendships.

Thank you and God Bless,   Mark Bourgoin



Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. Jeremiah 17:7

I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. If I must see it with my own eyes, then there is no believing involved. Trust consists of not having to see it with any eyes, but rather the feeling in the heart and mind that everything is going to be alright, even if there is no concrete evidence.

We’ve become a nation of “proof-wanters” for almost everything in our lives. New products must prove it can get the stain out. Juries must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Scientists must prove theories. We don’t seem to trust anyone or in much of anything anymore, much less trust in an all-powerful being.

Over 200 years ago, our founding fathers still trusted in things that cannot necessarily be seen.  It says so on our money. I look around and see so many wonderful things that can only be explained by God’s generosity and desire to take care of me. I trust Him. He’s done a good job so far.

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”                      ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Maine State Council Budget

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde



Dear Grand Knight & Council Membership,

As you may be aware, the budget of the State Council is based on the Per Capita income of our billable members. Billable members are those that pay full or partial dues to their local councils and are not Honorary Life or Disabled. (Inactive Council members are also not counted in the billable member total.)

At the State Convention this past April, the proposed budget for the 2019-2020 Fraternal Year was approved at $48,450 which was based on 5,100 billable members. Even though we reached 70% of our new member intake goal last year, the number of suspensions, withdrawals and deaths exceeded the intake goal. Therefore, our billable members went down to 4,900 and our new budget for this year will now be $46,550 or $1,900 lower than expected.

To combat this, the State Council will be reviewing each activity we sponsor and/or donate monies; to determine if we can do so, reduce the amount to be expended, or not participate at all. It is unfortunate but must be done to keep the State Council solvent.

Also, each Council will need to double their efforts in recruiting new members and strive to retain the members you have in order keep your council alive and help keep the Maine State Council financially sound. Councils also need to increase their efforts in selling Cash Calendars as this greatly helps with the overall budget as well. Even with our best efforts, this will not be enough.

The State Per Capita has been at $9.50 per billable member for 12 years. Prior to that, it was at $7.00. Unless our membership drastically increases over the next 9 months, we will have no choice but submit a resolution at next year’s State Convention to look at increasing the Per Capita. It must be done.

With that said, on behalf of the Maine State Council, we apologize in advance if we are not able to assist in your fundraising efforts. We will do our best to review each request on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Vivat Jesus,

Mark R. Bourgoin
Mark Bourgoin
State Deputy


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Raffle Chair Report

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Raffle Chairman Report



It’s that time of year again, time to try to sell calendars. I want to thank everyone who sold calendars last year and congratulations to all of the winners. Last year we sold a little over 2000 calendars, Thank You! If you were at the State Convention you heard that the State Council needs your help by trying very hard to sell all of the calendars this year. I think with all of your help we can make this happen. This would make a difference of about $5000 to the State Budget. Send back to me all of the calendars and money so that I can keep track of all of the calendars and money. A good way to sell extra calendars is by setting up at a local business or at craft or Christmas Fairs at church or around town. Thanks for all that you do for the Knights and for all of the calendars that you are able sell. All sales are greatly appreciated.

Yours in Christ

Ron Darling

Raffle Chairman


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Roundtable Coordinator Report

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Roundtable Coordinator Report


I want to thanks all of the councils that participated in the Parish Round Table Program last year, hopefully more councils will take part in this program. I hope all of the State Officers, District Deputies, and State Staff will help encourage all of your Grand Knights to fill out the forms. Everyone knows which Parishes have councils present and which Parishes need Knights help. Let’s all get together and get the Priests all of the help they need. Grand Knights, it takes about five minutes to fill out this form. When you fill out these forms please send one to Supreme, the State Deputy, and myself. Thank you very much for your help.

Ron Darling

Parish Round Table Coordinator

150 Medway Rod

Millinocket, Me  04462


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Faith Director Report

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Faith Director
Bob Dumond

Brothers, Hope your summer is going well! Congratulations on another great year.
As you may know, the FIA Programs in the “FAITH” category are:
◊ Building the Domestic Church ◊ Kiosk
◊ Holy Hour
◊ Into the Breach
◊ Marian Prayer
◊ Rosary
◊ Sacramental Gifts
◊ Spiritual Reflection
This month I will report on our RSVP program. Maine Knights of Columbus supported our seminarians to a tune of $16,500. This represented the support from 18 Councils and 4 Assemblies. With around 65 Councils and 39 Assemblies in the State of Maine you can see that our total support can be much greater. I know that some councils can’t afford to give $500 support to a seminarian. But you don’t have to give $500. You can do less and it’s okay. Send them birthday cards. Pray for them. Do whatever you can. Our seminarians are our future priests.
I will be updating this coming academic year’s Seminarian Poster as soon as the information is available.
Fr. Greg Dube is the new Vicar for Seminarians this year. I look forward to working with Fr. Dube on the Vocations Council.
For information on all the FIA Faith programs and more on the RSVP program go to:

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Memory Garden Gazebo Project

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Memory Garden Gazebo Project


First of all I would l like to sincerely thank all those councils and individual members who donated to the Memory Garden Gazebo Project.  Within just a few short months we have exceeded our goal of $20,000.00 and Sister Pat is beside herself over how the Knights of Columbus opened their hearts and most importantly their wallets.


The construction project has now begun and we look forward to the grand opening in a few months.  Many of you who were delegates at the last State Convention heard me speak about the project and after the meeting many of you picked up donation envelopes.  There is still plenty of time to have your council name and number installed on the donation plaque which will be installed in the health care center leading out to the memory garden.  I hope those of you who may still have that donation envelope will consider asking your council to donate, no matter how small; to this very exciting and valuable project for the health and welfare of our senior citizens who reside there.


If your council would like to make a donation you can send the check to me and I will forward it to Sister Pat.  All checks should be made payable to:  St. Andre Health Care Facility with the words ” Gazebo Donation” in the memo section. Thank you so much for your support


Mail it to: Phil Lizotte PSD, FM

14 Sarah Lane

Wells, ME  04090


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Membership Director

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Membership Director
Normand Bisson

This is my first message in the State News Letter as State Membership Director. Recently our Worthy State Deputy passed on the status of Membership Growth to all of the District Deputies, hopefully the information was passed to the respective councils, part of my job as State Membership Director is to keep you informed to our progress, therefore I am working closely with Greg White Online & College membership Director and General Agent, Dave Stewart Young Adult Director, PSD Dave Roy for Retention and Don Leeman State Ceremonial Director.
Here is the status for the end of the fraternal year 2018-19 we finished the fraternal year @ 75% growth throughout the State with only 30% of the councils participating , CAN YOU IMAGINE what we can do if all councils join in this endeavor? WITH THAT SAID, I am placing a challenge TO ALL MEMBERS from State Deputy to the NEWEST member of the 1st degree. My Goal is to raise the membership growth from 75% to 100% by the end of the Fraternal year..
Recently as State Ceremonial Director I was told “ Your like a dog with a bone”.
Well that’s because I take pride in what ever position I am in.
So I assure you that I will try my best to fulfill the goal.

Vivat Jesus

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Operation Wheelchair

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde


Operation Wheelchair Schedule

Joseph Murphy
Operation Wheelchair Coordinator


July 2019 2020 January
7-Jul Lewiston # 12652 1-Jan Gardiner # 1299
14-Jul Millinocket # 680 5-Jan Winslow #7300
21-Jul S. Berwick # 10259 12-Jan Lewiston #10019
28-Jul Ellsworth # 1036 19-Jan Waterville #13486
26-Jan Portland # 14246
August 2019 2020 February
4-Aug Biddeford # 12941 9-Feb Scarborough # 11747
11-Aug Dover-Foxcroft # 3172 16-Feb Boothbay 10356
18-Aug Falmouth # 15791 23-Feb Falmouth # 15791
25-Aug Portland # 101
September 2019 2020 March
1-Sep 1-Mar Westbrook # 2219
8-Sep Gorham # 10221 8-Mar Sabattus #13181
15-Sep Scarborough # 8144 15-Mar N.Windham # 10020
22-Sep State Council Officers 22-Mar Norway # 5515
29-Sep Lisbon # 2358 29-Mar York # 11940
October 2019 2020 April
6-Oct Dexter # 2625 5-Apr Jay  # 320
13-Oct Old Town # 2537 12-Apr Springvale  # 2755
20-Oct Wells #9782 19-Apr Bath # 249
27-Oct Rumsford # 2091 26-Apr Pittsfield # 4861
November 2019 2020 May
3-Nov Bucksport # 5756 3-May Portland #11257
10-Nov State 4th Degree 10-May Bangor # 114
17-Nov Old Orchard Beach #2266 17-May Brunswick #1947
24-Nov Newcastle #10897 24-May Skowhegan #2089
December 2019 June 2020
1-Dec Belfast # 3942 7-Jun Fairfield # 11303
8-Dec Rockland #136 14-Jun South Portland #2344
15-Dec Lewiston # 106 21-Jun Lincoln # 5524
22-Dec Auburn #8472 28-Jun Sanford #13861
25-Dec Augusta # 334

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Family Director Update

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Family Director
Wesley Tabb

Brother Knights, I hope this message finds you well and you and your families are having a wonderful summer. I want to thank you for all of your hard work during the previous Fraternal Year. Let’s keep up the good work.

The required program in the Family Category to be eligible for the Columbian Award is the Consecration to the Holy Family. To help families live out the joy of Christ, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori has composed a prayer through which families will come together to consecrate themselves under the protection of the Holy Family. In this prayer, we ask for the aid or intercession of the perfect son Jesus Christ, Mary the perfect mother, and Joseph who is a model for every father. Councils will guide their parishes and community to understand and offer this important and impactful prayer. Preparing for the Consecration to the Holy Family is not a single event. It is choosing a way of life for your family. Through this consecration, each participant is consciously choosing to be a beacon of God’s love through his Church. For more information please go to


Wesley Tabb, Jr

Family Director
Maine State Council


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Community Director Update

July 18, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Community Director—Anthony Alfiero


Congratulations on another great fraternal year!! WE DID IT!!! With your help we did over $100,000 in the Tootsie Roll Drive! Convention was awesome to find out what had happened!! Personally, I thought Faith in Action was Great!!!


Brothers Community Programs in Faith in Action consist of:


Required  Program***
Helping Hands

Featured Programs**
Coats for Kids
Global Wheelchair Mission
Habitat for Humanity

Suggested Programs*
Free Throw Championship
Catholic Citizen Essay Contest
Soccer Challenge

If your council does one featured, and one required, and 2 suggested in each program area be sure to fill out the SP-7.


Thank you Brother Knights and your families for what we all have accomplished and the best is yet to come!! Brothers, the 2019-2020 Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities has started. That is, the Tootsie Roll Drive. Remember, if you would like to donate to Maine Special Olympics, please consider sponsoring a Maine Special Olympics Lobster Dip Team, When you fill out the Council portion of your Drive paperwork. We give 100% of money raised to Maine Special Olympics. Please help us brothers! We also need brothers to dip with us January 1 at the Brunswick Hotel in Old Orchard Beach


In closing, great job brothers all! All that is left is moving forward!


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Summer Meeting 2019

July 2, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

(updates will occur to this post, check back periodically)

Maine State Council had it’s Semiannual District Deputy Organizational meeting at St Johns Church in Bangor.

Below are materials shared with those in attendance, minutes of the meeting, and other resulting pertinent materials; followed by a phot0 gallery of the event.


Minutes, Summer Meeting 6/29/19 308.30 KB 20 downloads


Key Takeaways Summer Meeting 2019 574.88 KB 18 downloads


Action Plan 2019-20 582.06 KB 18 downloads


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Communications – Faith in Action Reporting

June 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Good afternoon Worthies

Some significant changes to the Faith in Action reporting tools occurred this weekend in preparation of the Changeover of the Fraternal Year. Interested SO and FIA Director might want to read in entirety where new information in within.
First, the old Surge Summary has been retired where we no longer have so many categories, and the Maine Judging Year has passed as well. It only served as confusion for some still being there.
It was replaced with the Maine Faith in Action report. This report is significant for the Faith in Action Director and respective Program Directors. This report reflects activity between the dated of March 1 and February 28/29 for the purposes of the Maine Judging/Awarding year.
The remaining reports were modified to constrain reporting between July1 and June 30 to keep them as accurate as possible. Those reports would be the Faith in Action Summary FIA by District Summary, Summary by Hours report, and the Hours by District report.
Active councils/districts may notice significant change in summary data. Maine State Council, being an early/quick adapter of the program,  our councils were reporting appropriately under the new Categories prior to July 1, 2018, and these unrestricted reports included those earlier entries. The reports are now restricted by the dates you see within the headers of those respective summaries.
A critical flaw in the Project Days calculation was discovered during this process. For an unknown reason record processing jumped from #21 to #1122 leaving all reports between those records excluded from Project Days calculations. Therefor the Project Days category gained an appreciable spike form approximately 360 days to 45,350 once corrected and date bound.
These changes prepare us for a quick changeover of the Program Year on July 1. Again, to address a couple of questions regarding reporting and the program year(s)., There is no need to pause reporting for these changes. The reports are managed by program logic rather than physically moving data. Therefor no need to hold back on FIA reporting during a changeover period.
However, now might be a good time for early notice that at some point after July 1, data older than 2018 should be purged to maintain performance and available space. If councils are in need of reports form the beginning of our digital reporting to 6/30/2018, the self help SurgeSearch, also known as Faith in Action Report Lookup, tool is available to search all submitted reports and download the PDF format.
So, to be totally geekish about it all, about 5700 lines of code later, we are ready for changeover July 1 without significant physical, or psychological distress or difficulty. Please feel free to reach out if there are further questions. And also remember – there is always the Faith in Action Blog page so see what all of the other councils are up to.
Vivat Jesus.

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State Deputy Message

June 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde

Today is 12 May, Mother’s Day and I wish to let my mother know that I truly am grateful for the life she gave me.  Lois and got to spend some time with her (Bern) and my Dad (Ron) a couple of weeks ago at the State Convention.  And even though the Convention can be an extremely busy time, especially for a State Deputy, my Mom (and Dad) very much understands those demands. However, we were still able to take the time to enjoy as a family.  We did so during meals, playing cards, or just relaxing and catching up on family matters.  Either way, that time is so precious.   Lois and I look forward to our time together again with my both of them in a few weeks along with other family members.  God bless all moms today and especially for those moms that have passed.

Vivat Jesus!


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Communications #imaknight

June 3, 2019 by Dan LaLonde



The stylized ancient Roman libra pondo, or “pound weight” was the origin of what we grew up more commonly using ,in a more recognizable form, for the infuriating and nearly unwinnable game of Tic Tac Toe. We were soon to find it used in other walks of life as a number sign, and several other uses.


To today’s ‘millennial’ it is known for nothing less than a hashtag, or for the digital savvy of other generations ,it is at least most commonly known as such.


The hashtag has become one of the most recognized and powerful search tools of the digital era. Many news sources refer to hashtags in news reports to link their viewers with further relevant online content. So what is the secret of the hashtag?


Search engines are a great tool for finding what you are looking for, the most popular these days being Google. But even today to “Google” a topic, the results are peppered with commercialism and less relevant links.  Further the results are somewhat dependent on web developers’ key terms’ listed for Search Engine ‘Crawlers’ to search and index.


The hashtag puts search result results in the hands of the content creator. In short, in your hands. When pos ting on social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and speaking about your events and especially when discussing why you are a knight, try to always include in your post, most usually in the end,  #imaknight. (notice, there is a different from that and #iamaknknight—being Charlotte Christian School Knights)


As you become more familiar with the use of hashtags, you will likely venture into a whole new media experience. Take notice of the hashtags others might mix with #imaknight. But be careful, too many can reduce how effective they are.


Also, watch for how to use the @ (at) tag to  tag people or groups directly.


For more information see the link below.


#kofc #knightsinaction #faithinaction #faith #charity #catholic #knightsofcolumbus #heartofapriest #ChristiansatRisk


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