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Precious Innocents

Precious Innocents is a nonprofit organization within the state of Maine that is working to pass legislation (An Act to Provide Dignity for the Fetal Remains by Requiring Their Interment or Cremation; LD 1225). Sadly the Bill was defeated by a vote of 8-2. In order for this bill to pass in the future, it looks like we will need no less than two acres of land (per cemetery) donated to Precious Innocence in order to ensure we can provide 8’X4’ burial plots. In addition, details of each cemetery’s layout will need to be formulated and proposed. Senator Scott Cyrway is in the process of revising the bill so it can be reconsidered (to include the land and burial plot layouts). Please donate to this vital organization. Please contact Lee or Bobbie at 207-951-0537 or 207-943-3710 or contact Carla Caren, Aline Poulin, Judy Icenogle and Jan Raymond https://preciousinnocents.org/

Precious Innocents received their 2nd bi-annual donation from Faith Evangelical. The installment totaled $750.00 and was directed towards the operations of this valuable ministry.  Below is Pastor Brent’s response from Faith Evangelical:

“Thank you for this update and reaching out. I admit I have not been able to keep as close of an eye on this effort as I would like given our two year transition/COVID challenges. I assure you though, we are very much behind your ministry and appreciate the fight that you have so consistently and compassionately engaged in. What you do is critical in the movement and has such value.

Blessings to you and the whole team, Brent”

(Please consider donating to this important/vital ministry).


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