Roundtable Director update

Ron Darling
150 Medway Road
Millinocket, ME 04462

Dear Brother Knights,

I am writing you to ask that all Grand Knights get out their Parish Round Table Information filled out and turned in please. All you need is a name of a member of your council that attends a church that does not have a “Knights of Columbus” presence. This is to make sure that the Parish priest has the help they need from the Knights. This form only takes about five minutes to fill out so please take the time to do so to ensure all the priests get the help from the Knights that they deserve. Thank you for taking to time to do this.

I hope your Calendar sales are going well. If you are having trouble selling them, please return them to me as soon as possible. I am getting low on Calendars and still have councils calling for them. So if you have Calendars you are not going to sell, please mail them back to me. Thank you for your efforts in this project.

Yours in Christ,
Ron Darling
Raffle Chairman, Parish Round Table Coordinator


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