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Brother Knights,

As we begin the new fraternal year 2018-2019, take a moment to review the below summary of safe environment requirements relating to the new Faith in Action model.

Council Youth Activities Require the Presence of Fully Compliant Grand Knight and Directors

The Order expects that you and the family and/or community director be present at all activities sponsored by the council where minor children are present to ensure that all Safe Environment policies and procedures are followed.

All Knights of Columbus activities where minor children are present require at least one member who has been trained and background checked and there should never be fewer than two fully trained members in attendance.

Visit www.kofc.org/safe or the Officers’ Desk Reference for more information.

Requirement Summary

Grand knights and program directors must complete the three required safe environment training modules within 30 days of notification by Praesidium, the Order’s strategic partner in safe environments and youth protection.

Family directors and community directors, (and Squires counselors, if any) must complete the three required safe environment training modules and provide consent for a background check within 30 days of notification.

Any directors and counselors who have not completed the required training and background check authorization within 30 days of notification are subject to removal from their roles. The noncompliant member, grand knight or the state deputy will be notified of removal(s).

Leaving one or more of program, family or community director roles vacant DOES NOT exempt the council from the safe environment requirements. The council must list a program director, family director and community director who, along with the council’s grand knight, are fully compliant with the requirements of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program in order to be eligible to receive the Columbian Award and Star Council Award.

Safe environment training and background checks from other organizations, regardless of source or provider, will NOT be accepted in lieu of the obligation to complete the requirements of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program.

Timely filing of the Officer Chosen for the Term (#185) and Service Program Personnel Report (#365) forms. Beginning July 16, 2018, the Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection, through Praesidium, will send email notifications to members appointed to the roles shown above.

If members serving in these roles do not receive an email from Praesidium by Sept.1, it may be either 1) there is no email on file with the Knights of Columbus, or 2) the council has not yet updated/submitted its Forms #185 and #365 (and #468 for Columbian Squires counselors) to indicate the members’ role assignments. Members should not forget to look for email notifications from Praesidium in their inbox or spam folder.

Email notification provides usernames and passwords necessary to complete the required training and, in a separate email, the link to provide background check authorization (when applicable). Usernames and passwords are unique to each recipient and cannot be forwarded or used by another member.

You may check the compliance status of the family director, community director and program director (and Squires counselors, if any) by accessing Praesidium’s Armatus Administrative dashboard.

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