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October is Respect Life Month and although most would consider this more toward the human life aspect, I also look at it through the eyes of God and all of his creations.  For instance, leaf peeping season has to be one of the most beautiful transitions of the autumn season.

This photograph was taken from the camp deck in Rockwood (between Greenville and Jackman) where the State Officers, at the invitation of our State Chaplain Father Aaron Damboise, held their 1st annual Spiritual Retreat this past weekend. This provided the opportunity to share meals together, pray the rosary, exercise our friendship and fellowship, and ponder a question by our Spiritual Leader.  This discernment took us on a nature walk along with Moose River. That Saturday afternoon, we attended  the 4 p.m. Mass at Holy Family Church in Greenville followed by a turkey dinner at the parish center.

What was the question:? Who do you feel is the one in your family that encouraged or strengthen your faith?  I share this question with you because during my opportunity to reflect on it, the one family member that came to mind immediately was only on God’s earth for two hours; my son Ian Michael who in fact passed away 25 years ago this year.  How could he have such an impact?  Because God gave him life and the opportunity for me to be a Dad, albeit a short one.

Our time on this earth is short.  Let us pay respect to our God and Father for the life he has given us, the beauty in our children and families, and in all of His creations.   Let us never forget those that have gone before us; for it is them as to why we are here.
God Bless Mark Bourgoin


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