State Deputy’s Message

January State Deputy’s Message

The past several weeks have been quite exciting and breathtaking.  Our families got together at Christmas and what a joyful opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Although I was raised Catholic by totally awesome parents, being a Knight of Columbus has allowed me to grow more spiritually in my faith and in turn made me a better son, brother, husband, dad, granddad and uncle.

Then, the State Staff of the Maine State Council got together for their midyear meeting.  Again, it was a joy for the “extended family” to get together and start out the 2019 New Year with fellowship and friendship.    We had brother knights and their wives attend the weekend event that had never attended before.  The introduction of “new life” in the State Council along with our current brother Knights is what will sustain us for years to come.

And speaking of “new life”, the Hands around the Capitol event brought out a number of Knights that had not witnessed this experience before.  Moms, Dads, adolescents, children, Christians of all ages, and from all points of Maine, that came out in spirit to weather the cold.  Thank you to all that manned the booths, distributed paraphernalia, served coffee and hot tea, promoted “life” in all its stages, the speakers and to our own Bishop Robert P. Deeley for celebrating a Mass of “life” and assisting with the pep rally.  Then the “march” was on to the Capitol and watching the bell being struck 46 times and after each ring, a rose was laid at its base.  It is a true “witness” to our faith.

Lois and I look forward to the coming months and we will continue to travel as much as we can to unite and reunite with each of you.  In this 2019 New Year, let us always remember that “new life” is what will sustain our families, our local councils and the Maine State Council.   May the “new” birth of Jesus Christ energize us as we start of the second half of this fraternal year.

Vivat Jesus, Mark Bourgoin, State Deputy


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