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Change Log

***First person to create a Support account – Joseph Murphy
***First new page editor – Dave Roy – Council and Membership Retention
***Councils hosting web pages with maineknights – 2851, 1873, 2524

Create DD email accounts
Manage DD portal accounts adjusting email to new DD accounts.
Email individual DD’s with instructions and credentials to DD tools
Redesign footer section for clarity and navigation

Convert email forwarders to full email addresses for SO and DD.
Repopulate email groups with updated email addresses.
Update distribution points with new addresses.
Email SO updated email lists and directions for Me Officers Online
Work to improve post type/featured image views.
Create new Special Olympics page
Attempt to work with provided SO images in Directory
Investigate ‘click to view’ for connections directory.
Added link to full SO Directory to main page

Old FIA pages failed to forward. Applied 301 forwarding
Council 334 – recover reports prior to June 21 change-over
Change/recover service account(s) for FIA report logging
Council 15791 – recover reports EO Feb to present.
Create Council and Membership Retention page with author and train in basics.

FIA report boundary dates updated. Corrected some field calculations. Restored access to Maine Year FIA Summary page.
Created routing for FIA Directors to receive FIA reports. – Email notice sent to directors.
Update DD email forwarders.
Add tools to State Planner page.
Correct reported spelling error.

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