A Christmas Family Surprise Via Zoom Due To The Pandemic. 15791

A Christmas Family Surprise Via Zoom Due To The Pandemic. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and my Wife shared a surprise Christmas greeting over Zoom on Monday 21 December 2020. We received an incredibly special Zoom visit from seven of our family members as an early Christmas morning gift. It was a very Enjoyable visit with our daughter, grandchildren, and son in-law. The last time we shared time in person with our family in Texas, and Pennsylvania was some four years ago. We shared memories of one another’s life since we saw them last, and also shared everyone’s future, and what they pray will hold for each of them. My wife and I hope to travel to Pennsylvania, and Texas during 2021, as long as the virus is behind us, and our health is in order. Our Grandson is currently a corporal in the US Army, our Son-In-Law is a Lieutenant in the US Air Force. He is a Company Chaplin for his unit. One of our Granddaughters is a Wedding Planner, and arranges her own flower displays for the weddings. The other works as a transport driver for seniors in her area. Unfortunately, because of the timing our oldest daughter was unable to be present for this Zoom session. Our oldest daughter is a Nurse with a local hospital. Last week she was presented her 15-year certificate and pin for service to the nursing system. As parents and Grandparents, we are very Blessed to have such a beautiful, and Faith filled family. We are also thankful of this very Blessed afternoon. We are proud of our Family just like we are Blessed for being Catholic’s and Children of GOD.

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