A Thoughtful Donation of American Flags. 15791

A Thoughtful Donation of American Flags. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Two council brothers and a resident from a local Senior Complex were involved in receiving this thoughtful gift. The flags were given over to our member at the Meadowview Complex on Sunday 25 April 2021. A Very Thoughtful gift of three American Flags were given to council members. The resident was gifted these flags and really had no place to fly them, so he thought he would gift them to me as a Knight of Columbus. He asked if we could find a family for them, he would be pleased. The flags were looked over by the knight receiving them and found one flag was not suitable for flying so it was turned over to a local Flag Store for disposing. The other two flags were turned over to the council for use in presentation to a Family when required. I was incredibly pleased and honored to have been asked if the Knights could use the new flags. Since moving into our complex this resident has been very caring and helpful to the other residents. During the Pandemic he has made a number of trips to the grocery store to pick up food for those residents who have no way to get there, and he has also helped a few of the residents with snow removal from their vehicle’s once again this past winter. He has also helped out this spring in cleaning up a little from the winter within our complex.
Thank you, GOD, for the time and talent of this resident. GOD is truly at work in this resident.

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