Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I volunteer with AARP’s Tuesdays At The State House (TASH). We meet on Tuesdays where a large group of us hear speakers talk about a variety of topics. We track and advocate for a number of bills that not only affect retirees but also many segments of the population. We attend committee hearings and sessions of the Senate and House.
Some of the bills concerned setting up savings for retirement for people still in the workforce, prescription drug pricing and health care to name a few.
The dates reflect the report mandate of March to March. Though this can be a year round activity I attend only during the Legislative Session that starts in January. I will miss a Tuesday from time to time to attend to another activity such as Togus V A.
I estimated the number of volunteers as the number varies from week to week. I am not aware of any other Knights being involved in this activity.

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