ACTS proto-Core (August) — 15791 Falmouth

ACTS proto-Core (August) --- 15791 Falmouth


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Two bother knights and 8 parishioners attender our past Parish ACTS retreat proto-Core meeting, the proto-Core Team meets every month to plan the annual women’s ACTS retreat and the men’s ACTS retreat, our meetings were conducted at Holy Martyrs Church before the pandemic declaration, after the pandemic declaration we continue our meetings by means of video conference, during our last meeting the men’s ACTS retreat director gave an update on the retreat preparations:

The leadership team has been meeting and team recruitment/discernment is well along.

The first team meeting is in eight days, 20 Aug. Team meetings will be on Thursday evenings, in person, in the basement at Sacred Heart Church in Yarmouth.

The retreat theme is: “I will rescue them from every place where they were scattered when it was cloudy and dark.” [EZ 34:12b]

A primary focus of the leadership team is creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, environment despite the pandemic, for the team meetings, retreat and all other associated activities.

ProLife: stone memorial (POTHE). The stone has been completed. We are waiting completion of its base. They will be delivered in late August or early September and will be placed to the right of Mary by the grotto at Holy Martyrs Church. Father Phil will be publicizing it and will likely lead an associated prayer service. A check is in the mail from the Knights of Columbus to cover the costs associated with this project.

Over these past 3 years the ACTS retreat has touched and changed the lives of 200+ parishioners, some even attended the retreat a second time, the fruits of the retreat have been clear in the four core areas of ACTS, A (Adoration) C (Community), T (Theology) and S (Service), many of our Parish ministries have seen a grow in participation coming from the retreatants.

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