ACTS proto-Core (September-November) — 15791 Falmouth

ACTS proto-Core (September-November) --- 15791 Falmouth


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

The proto-Core Team meets every month to plan the annual women’s ACTS retreat and the men’s ACTS retreat

1) OLH/POTHE ACTS Summer Picnic, September 11

2) OLH/POTHE Men’s 2022 Retreat, November 10-13

3) October Rosary for Life, October 22

4) Immaculate Heart of Mary/Prince of Peace Women’s ACTS Retreat – September 22-25

5) St. Therese Parish (Sanford) Men’s ACTS Retreat – November 17-20

6) Pentecost event following our Men’s Retreat

7) Regional Cooperation

8) Women’s Retreat in May 2023

Our ACTS proto-Core also includes parishioners from Our Lady of Hope Parish, this accomplish two objectives, the first one is to help the Parish of The Holy Eucharist to strength our 3+ year ACTS ministry and to expand the reach of the ACTS retreat to other Parishes, over these past 3 years the ACTS retreat has touched and changed the lives of 100+ parishioners, the fruits of the retreat have been clear in the four core areas of ACTS, A (Adoration) C (Community), T (Theology) and S (Service), many of our Parish ministries have seen a grow in participation coming from the retreatants.

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