Admission Committee Interview. 2018 15791

Admission Committee Interview. 2018 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Our Admissions Team Leader and a new transferee met last evening at Holy Martyr’s Church Conference Room to discuss the life of our council and what service’s we provide for the Parish, and Community. Several of our members have been speaking with Parishioners about the Knights and so far have not heard from those who were spoken to. The interview last evening went well with our potential new member who moved back to Maine from Oregon. He is a Fourth Degree member, and is also an Insurance member. Brother Anthony is a farther of three children and currently lives in Yarmouth. This process is very important in seeking the required information needed, to insure that we have he and his families background as practicing Catholics. Last evening he was given a booklet of our council programs and encouraged to sit with his family and choose a program or two that he and his family would feel comfortable working with. In a week our Admission Leader will meet with Brother Anthony once again to review his choice’s. His Form 100 will be voted on at our September Business Meeting by those present. Just as a side note, we are in hopes to bring in a new 18 year old member in at our September Admission’s Degree. So starts another year of recruitment for Council 15791.

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