Admission Committee Interviews. 2020 15791

Admission Committee Interviews. 2020 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Another council admission degree workshop was held at Sacred Heart Church Hall on Tuesday January 28, 2020. This day two of our Admission Team members met with two Knights of Columbus candidates from our parish. One of the candidates attends Sacred Heart Church and the other Saint Jude’s Church. It’s important to meet with new candidates as Admission Team members to discuss the Knights of Columbus Order, and also to answer their many questions prior to them making their Admission Degree. Council paper work was also filled out during this time. We look to hold their Admission Degree at Holy Martyr’s in February. Our goal moving forward is to continue to build our membership, and keep it strong. This in it self is a challenge, but we continue to recruit new members one member at a time.

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