Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I participated in an interview with Mike Seavey on behalf of the AFL/CIO. This interview took about an hour. The concept behind this project will be to gain the support for the labor movement from clergy and the congregation of Catholics in St. Michael’s Parish and from clergy of other faiths in our community. I would describe this idea as a sort of Social Justice Project. Mike was conducting the interview.
Though I am retired I am a staunch supporter of labor unions and working people. I have participated in a number of Labor Lobby Days at the Maine State Capitol with the AFL/CIO. I’ve engaged my elected officials when anti labor legislation was being introduced. I have attempted to get them to side with labor.
I spent 38 years in the Teamsters Union. 15 of those years were as a driver for UPS in N.Y. and the other 23 as a police officer for the City of Augusta. Therefore I have a background in labor.
I expect to do more interviews and whatever else I needs to be done to further the cause of labor and gain the support of clergy of various faiths for this cause. I would like to see the Knights of Columbus join in this worthy and righteous endeavor.

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