All Saints Catholic School Back to School Barbecue

All Saints Catholic School Back to School Barbecue


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

This is the 17th year the Knights were asked to grill the main course of hot dogs for 350 family members of All Saints Catholic Schools in Bangor. This event is the annual kick off to the new school year, where the parents provide the food, paper products and drinks. Keith Forbes, Grand Knight, took the lead in recruiting several Knights to help with the event. Bill Bennett, deputy grand knight coordinated the volunteers for the fire pit and s’mores. Ed Bouluear brought the grill to the event the morning of August 30th. We had a beautiful day with a few overcast clouds to help shade us from the hot sun. The wind was brisk in the early afternoon but it died down by the time the grill team arrived. The chairpersons for the evening were EJ and Jen Hikel, and coordinated the set up of the buffet tables as well as young kids games. Marvin Garrett, Jamie Berube, and Mike Caruso fired up the massive event size grill around 4:45pm and helped stuff the hot dogs in the buns and helped run them from the grill to the two buffet lines. The buffet was opened at 5:30 and the evening meal was prepared on time, and the Knights served the dogs with warm smiles and gracious hospitality until around 7:00pm. A kick ball game started around 7pm. Later the bonfire was guarded by a few knights and the families enjoyed smores with music. The youth of the community were re-united with classmates and new arrivals to the school community. A very nice gathering of catholic families, celebrating their faith and school community. There was soccer and other pic-up sport events for the children to play after dinner. At the end of the event, they helped fold up the buffet tables and load them in a trailer to help unload them back to St Mary’s Church. Overall the Knights grilled and assembled a few hundred hotdogs, for the children, parents, staff, friends and family to enjoy as well as set up cleaned up and watched over the fire pit.

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