America Needs Fatima

America Needs Fatima


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

The knights of council 10019, sponsored a Public Square Rosary in front of Holy Family Church on Saturday October 16th at 12 noon. There were 15 people along side with brother knights, praying together under cloudy skies. A large banner supplied by America Needs Fatima was held errect by two brothers. The Joyful mysteries were used for this rosary to our Blessed Mother.
This rally was part of America Needs Fatima rallies being held around the United States. Over 21,000 locations held these events which began at noon. We had good participation from parish members despite the raw windy conditions. With local traffic rushing by on the very busy Sabattus St. the event proceeded smothly until it’s conclusion. The mood of the participants was joyful and respectiful as they prayed. After the rosary they joined their voices by singing Marian hymns and reciting the Litany of praise be to the Lord God Almighty, rejoice and be glad.
Leader Brother Raymond Laplume.

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