Annual Chicken Barbeque

Annual Chicken Barbeque


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

On Sunday, June 30th, St. Martin of Tours Council #680 held our annual Community Chicken BBQ. This is a fund raiser and provides a community event as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s 4th of July celebration.. Posters advertising the event were made and posted around the Tri-town area. Advertisements were also placed in the local newspaper and on the nearby radio stations. We began the morning with setting up tents, preparing the serving area, and setting up tables and chairs in the Association Hall. Next, a few Knights set up two very large homemade BBQ pits on the back deck. We also had two propane burners with large kettles to cook 75 to 100 ears of corn at a time. We had two Brother Knights in charge of the barbecuing. The chicken had been marinated overnight in a special sauce and then barbecued slowly over charcoal to perfection! The menu also consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, a dinner roll, and soda – all for $7 per plate! The money raised in this event helps fund our annual community, church, and council activities.

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