Annual Community Auction

Annual Community Auction


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

Throughout the year, Council 680 solicits, gathers, and stores donated items in preparation for its annual community auction held this year on June 11th at the St. Martin’s Catholic Church Parish Hall from 4-9p.m. The purpose of this auction is to obtain the funds needed to provide financial assistance that various community and service organizations request during the year. This year, the funds obtained were distributed to the Millinocket Little League, the Stearns High School Athletic program,, the Millinocket Memorial Library, the Council Educational Scholarship program, the Millinocket Police Department, the Millinocket Municipal Cemetery, the Christ the Divine Mercy Harvest Tea Project, the St. Martin’s Catholic Church Table Project, and the Millinocket Regional Hospital Oncology Renovation Project. The night before the auction, Knights set up the auction and dining tables. The morning of the auction, spaghetti sauces were prepared and allowed to simmer all day. The night of the auction, Knights cooked the spaghetti, prepared the salads, breads, drinks, and desserts. Other Knights served the meal, cleaned up the tables, emptied the trash, and washed the dishes. During the auction, Knights helped the auctioneer display the auction items, collected the money, helped deliver the items purchased it individual vehicles, and helped clean up the auction space once it was completed. A total of 2565 dollars was raised to help Council and Community projects as listed above.

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