Annual Council Veterans Presentation.

Annual Council Veterans Presentation.


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

As a Knight of Council 15791 and veteran, I took the lead today in presenting “Veteran Appreciation Certificates” in our complex on Veterans Day 11 November, 2021. This small presentation is especially important to those veterans in our complex, and the Deceased Veterans wives who we live with here in Gray. This year because of the Covid.19 restrictions going on right now, we were unable to meet as a group. I as a Knight’s representative, and retired service man made the time to make up the certificates, and hand deliver them to each unit within our complex. The Veterans, and or Deceased Veterans wife were incredibly pleased that the Knights were reaching out to them. We had seven participants in the program this year. Three Veterans and Four Veterans Wives. We look forward to 2022 with hopes that we can do this presentation in conjunction with a lite lunch. Thank you, Lord, for your special Blessing on these Veterans and Veterans Wives.

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