Assembly & Removal of the Creche

Assembly & Removal of the Creche


Council: 5515 - NORWAY

Project Description:

Knights from Council# 5515 worked together to assemble the Creche in front of St Catherine’s Church to allow for a physical and tangible experience to be had by all who walked past the church. It depicts the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ as He was found in the stable in Bethlehem. We put up this display each year to remind people of Jesus’ humble beginnings in our world. It provides for a teachable moment for those people who only associate Christmas with the exchange of material gifts and which solidifies the true meaning of Christmas. You see Jesus in the manger with mother Mary & father Joseph surrounded by the animals that were there along with the wise men who came to pay homage to Him. It is a wonderful snapshot to see time and time again.

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