Assisting a Brother Knight in Need

Assisting a Brother Knight in Need


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

Brother Knight Robert Ayotte has struggling with declining health, including failing eyesight and hearing, and is also in need of knee replacements. He has been home bound through the pandemic with his wife and extended family caring for him. The entrances to his house involve stairs that he could no longer navigate. Teaming up with the American Legion (coordinated by Brother Knight David Devoe) they were able to secure for him a handicap ramp to install on the front of his house. However, some work needed to be done to the house in preparation for the installation of this aluminum ramp. Brother Knights from our Council including Dan Bouffard, David Devoe, Rick Jensen and Robert Michaud helped to make these necessary changes by moving and re-securing the front stairs. Additionally, to make life easier for his wife, we re-worked the side entrance by repairing the weather screen around the entryway to help keep rain and snow off of the steps.

Brother Ayotte was overjoyed by the support from the American Legion and Knights of Columbus in his time of need.

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