Augusta Food Bank

Augusta Food Bank


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I am a volunteer driver for the Augusta Food Bank. I drive the agency’s van two days a month. I work with a crew of volunteers who are responsible for picking up food donations from major chain stores in the City of Augusta. The crew loads the van at these stores and unloads the the food and other donations at the food bank. We pick up and unload thousands of pounds of food. It is not unusual to pick up and unload 7 or 8 thousand pounds of food products on any given day. I have also gone to the Agricultural Department to pick up a load of food. We also go to supermarkets and pick up large purchases.
Food products are not the only items that we pick up and unload. We pick up products such as soap, shampoo, diapers, clothing, paper goods and other personal products that I deliver to a center that distributes these essentials to those in need.
I also deliver kids food packs to a children center.
The other Knight assists clients inside the food bank and also helps with traffic during weekly food giveaways.
During this past month I put in over 38 hours while the other Knight put in around 34 hours.

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