Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

The Knights of Columbus were recruited to man the toll booths at Old Orchard Beach to raise funds for Maine Special Olympics. Two members of the St Thomas Council volunteered to assist Knights from other councils in collecting donations from visitors in cars or walking to the beach. One of the council members served as chauffeur to other knights, helped set up the toll booths in both locations, and assisted in providing water and in collecting donations hourly from the workers. Two of the council members actually spent time at the toll booths collecting donations from the passer-byers. This was espcially difficult to perform due to the requirement for social distancing in the middle of the pandemic. Collection baskets with six foor handles were borrowed from a local church to accomplish this. Many of the donors remarked on our resourcefullness and some even asked for blessings. All was done in fun and Maine Special Olympics was most grateful that the Knights of Columbus stepped up to plate (so to speak) to make the event a success.

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