Benefit Raffle to help a boy with Type 1 Diabetes to Camp

Benefit Raffle to help a boy with Type 1 Diabetes to Camp


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Its become a tradition for Council 2219 to organize a yearly benefit raffle for the purpose of helping a family or group
who are in need of financial assistance. For the year 2018, Council 2219, found a family who could use some financial
assistance to help send their son, Aiden (Dyer), who has type 1 Diabetes, to (ADA) Camp Carefree, New Durham, New
Hampshire, which is staffed by volunteer medical personnel interested in children with diabetes. For Aiden and many
other like him it is a place for them to be like kids and so much more. Aiden , who is now 10, had a virus attack his
pancreas and as a result his pancreas was unable to secrete insulin that is needed to balance glucose. Without the
insulin his brain and other parts of the body will not function. Aiden requires insulin injections throughout the day
and night to live. Unfortunately the insulin shots are only good for three hours, and he needs to be monitored 24/7.
His story goes far beyond what I described. In March 2018, the Council proceeded to prepare for the Benefit Raffle
by contacting individual craftsmen and women, along with local merchants and companies to obtain donated items
and/or donations. By April 2018, Council 2219 members had acquired over $2000.00 worth of items for the raffle.
Raffle tickets, which were donated, were sent out to all members of the council along with a photo of all the prizes
and a brief write-up about Aiden. The goal for the Council was to raise ample funds to send Aiden to the camp for the
year 2018 as well as 2019 and also additional funds to give to the camp to help other youths with similar conditions.
By the end of the raffle, which was 9am, June 17, 2018, also the date of the drawing, a total of $3800.00 had been
raised. Ample funds to send Aiden to camp and an additional $1000.00 to the camp. See attached photos.

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