Bridgton Food Pantry

Bridgton Food Pantry


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

On Tuesday Nov 29, 1st Degree Knight Joe Balchunas and 4th Degree Knight Tom Leonard assisted the Bridgton Food Pantry in distributing canned and boxed food for families to pick up. Essentially, Joe and Tom assisted families by loading their vehicles. Tom also displayed stock on the shelves for clients. The Bridgton Food Pantry serves indigent families in the Bridgton and surrounding communities in providing food for these families. The Bridgton Food Pantry also has a clothing area for free shopping. Joe and Tom each worked 3.0 manhours that day for a total of 6 manhours. There were also about 7 other local volunteers assisting. The Food Pantry is open from 11am-6pm every Tuesday and on Nov 29, ~198 people were serviced.
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