Building the Domestic Church – Painting Classrooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Stairwells

Building the Domestic Church - Painting Classrooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Stairwells


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

On or about March 10th I received a telephone call from Faithful Navigator Keith Forbes inquiring if I would be willing in getting a group of volunteers together to paint a section of St. Joseph’s Church. I agreed. Shortly after our conversation I contacted the Director of Buildings and Grounds Timothy MacKay and we made arrangements to inspect the area to be painted. On March15th we met and conducted a tour of the area. He explained that eight classrooms, two hallways and a staircase were in dire need of painting. In essence this meant painting an entire wing of the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church Building. During our discussion, I learned that our pastor Msgr. Andrew Dubois was hoping to have the project completed within a couple weeks or sooner. I was concerned…so much to do with so little time! (I said a quick prayer!). The planning then got very serious. The time for prepping i.e. tapeing, sanding, trimming and priming was set for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday… March 17, 18th, 19th and 22nd. The actual painting was Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 23, 24th, and 25th. During the next couple days several emails and conversations were conducted and my prayers were being answered. At first only a few volunteers committed to the project but as time progressed more and more fellow knights and friends volunteered. One fellow knight (Kris Clarke) had recently retired and volunteered to work with me in getting the prep work completed. This allowed the project to be ready for the days we were to have most of our volunteers. One of the classrooms had an existing dark color which needed to be primed. Kris and I completed the priming, sanding and taping in time to begin the painting on Tuesday. On Tuesday at 9 A.M. volunteers began showing up and each were given painting assignments. During the day others showed up and more work assignments were made. So much work was getting done! The work continued to 8 P.M. and started again on Wednesday at 9 A.M. More volunteers arrived and by days end the painting was completed. An amazing job well done! In fact the two bathrooms located on each of the two floors were included in the paint project. This was not in the original plan but some of the volunteers felt like it was necessary. We of course agreed! We were very proud of what was accomplished. The job was done in record time. Painting only took two days rather than the three that was planned. Thank you all! 172 hours went into this project and nearly 20 gallons of paint.
The following were our volunteers; Kris Clarke, Keith Forbes, Tim Higgins, Bill Bennett, Mark Toomey, Frank Jordan, E. J. Hikel, Jeffrey Schaller and friend Josh, Leon Bennett, Jake Marquis, Daniel Modrusan and son Glen.
I also want to recognize our cook Jim Picard who took considerable time to prepare a large pot of chicken stew for this hungry crew. Very good stew Jim! Thank you! Bob Stutzman provided the Cohen rolls! Thank you Bob!

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