Celibrating 100 yr birthday for a WII Vetern member

Celibrating 100 yr birthday for a WII Vetern member


Council: 8868 - LIMERICK

Project Description:

July 10 & july 12 2020
The Councial orginized a perade and delivery of holy Comunion to celebrate Howard Forsyth’s 100 year Birthday. Our Decon and two other members rode to greet Howard and visit with him then Communion was celebrated for Howard. The next day the local Hiran firedepartment and Many town folks with 8 knights formed a parade to help bring joy to this 100yr. old vetern. Howard was involed with verious fire Department from Rhode Island to Maine duraning his life time. At his earlest time in life he was in the Army and was in second wave on Normady France. He was very envolved with
the Knights, and American Legion. Howard is well loved by the town citizens of Hiram.

Howard will have a ride to St. Matthew Church and attend the 8:00 AM Mass, donated by Gerry Cote, finialy will be reconized by the parishners after Mass.

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