Cemetery Cleanup

Cemetery Cleanup


Council: 1873 - HOULTON

Project Description:

It had been a long standing desire of this Council to work and straighten up the Church’s cemetery. We were give the opportunity to that at the end of August. The Council procured “P” gravel and hired a backhoe to do the work. The backhoe and the owner/operator open all of the gravesites in Houlton, so we were assured that there would be no damage to the cemetery. The Knights straightened head tones throughout. The smaller headstones that were broken, were made into flat markers to prevent repeat damage. there were very large head stones that were falling over. The tilting force was crumbling foundations. The backhoe was used to lift large headstones where the crumbling foundations could be removed. A new base was made for these and the headstones were reset once the ground work was repaired. This was the largest work turnout for this Council in the six years that I have been here. The Council received many compliments on our efforts on the visual enhancement.

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