Chapel Wall Repair and Painting

Chapel Wall Repair and Painting


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Monsignor Andrew Dubois asked the Knights if they could possibly spackle the deteriorated wall, and paint the entire chapel before Adoration starts up again as a result of the Corona Pandemic. The Knights accepted the request and decided September 16th at 6:30PM would be the best time to paint the chapel. The facilities manager Tim Mckay purchased the materials necessary to repair the walls, and to repaint the entire Chapel.

A brother Knight scraped, spackled and sanded the walls. In addition he taped all the walls and entry doors readying the room to be painted by the crew of FIVE who arrived by 6:30 pm on the 16th. Tarps were laid out where needed and two Knights began painting – Cutting In along the ceiling, floor and around tight areas. Three others Knights used rolls and painted the larger areas. Three walls were painted, trimmed and checked, it was decided that another coat of paint would be applied, so we did a second coat.

It was also noticed that the specialty out crop above the Alter required painting as well, so this was prepped and painted as well.

On September 17th, one Knight went back to the Chapel and removed the tape, replaced all the light switch covers and electrical outlet covers back on, along with other items on the walls.

The mopboards where washed off, the entire room required extensive dusting, and the doors and door frames required to be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove the accumulation of dust. In addition all the cloth seats needed to be vacuumed. The entire carpeted floor needed to be vacuumed thoroughly, this was accomplished.

The five Brother Knights felt great with the outcome of their efforts, the chapel is now clean, bright and ready once again to PRAY.

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