Christmas Party for Town’s Needy Kids

Christmas Party for Town's Needy Kids


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

On December 4th, our council held a Christmas party for the needy kids from our town. It was held at the St. Ignatius cafeteria on Saturday, from 11:00 am, to 2:00 pm. Work was started long before the event was held. To raise money for this event, members of our council held a raffle, on many summer weekends, you would find members of our council sitting behind a table at Shaw’s supermarket or Mardens department store selling raffle tickets. This was very successful raising well over $1,200 for the party. Having raised this money, the chairman of this committee and his wife, went shopping and bought nice gifts for all the children attending the party. On the night before the party a group of knights and their wives gathered together to wrap presents, and decorate the hall. Next day, at 11:00 am, the children and their parents started coming in, it was nice to see the excitement in the eyes of the children. At the party, the children were entertained with a professional DJ, playing Christmas music. The children were also entertained with arts and crafts, decorating Christmas balls and other things. Pizza was served, and many of the ladies made Christmas cookies and a Christmas birthday cake (we sang happy birthday to baby Jesus), we had more than enough wonderful desserts to go around. At the appropriate time, Santa and Mrs. Claus came in to greet all the children, and handed out gifts to all the children. A good time was had by all, and children from all walks of life were exposed to a Christian Christmas party.

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