Church Parking Lot – Painted Lines

Church Parking Lot - Painted Lines


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Fr. Murray, requested that the Knights consider painting the lines at St. Mary’s Church parking lot as the lines had all but worn off. Brother Walter Shannon knew that time was running out for such an undertaking, but wouldn’t let it go (his mother was in the hospital, requiring him to visit with her, as well as working long hours) Brother Shannon and his wife took it upon them selves to paint the lines on a Tuesday, just before the Thanksgiving rush at Church on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas etc. Brother Shannon’s wife, Shirley gave him a hand from 6:30 AM until 7:30 doing layout. Between school traffic and the parking lot filling up for the funeral and the days activities it got too busy. They left and went to work.
Brother Shannon left work at 1 PM and returned to continue layout, the parking lot was emptying from those leaving the funeral reception, etc.
From 1:30 PM until 4 PM I had assistance from three fellow Knights, Dale Plourde, Walter Boguslawski, Jim Larson.

By 4 PM we had the parking lot striped. Please see the accompanying photos.

Dale, Walter and Jim returned the following morning at 10 and applied a second coat. Shannon join them after 12 PM when he got out of work.

There are 106 parking spaces, 13 of them are handicap spaces (three groups of 4 next to each island and one on the end of the single row closest to the school.

With God’s grace, this lines got painted, and Fr. Murray was tickled as to the dedication of said Knights, and Shirley for rising to the task. God Bless!

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