Clean and stain the handicap ramp at St. Joseph’s Church, OLH Parish, Portland

Clean and stain the handicap ramp at St. Joseph's Church, OLH Parish, Portland


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Brother Peter Rovnak on July 18th bought the materials and washed the handicap ramp and on 7/19 stained most of it. On July 27 did final touch up and repairs. This ramp is 50-60 feet long, has a high level of traffic during the weekend masses and receives much wear in the winter from shoveling and the application of salt and san. It therefore needs to be coated every year. Our K of C council stains the ramp each year in order to save the Parish the expense of hiring a painter and for the safety of the parishioners who utilize it. We estimate that a commercial painting company would charge $500 or more to do this work.

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