Clogged Dryer at Neighbors

Clogged Dryer at Neighbors


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

When checking in on my neighbors, she stated her dryer was not drying and much condensation was accumulating in the drum. She asked if I’d be around for a service tech appt. I decided to take a look at the situation and found the dryer vent was crushed against the wall and full of dryer lint. Pulling the dryer away from the wall I also found it to be partially disconnected and misaligned to the outlet vent. After pulling most of the lint out I vacuumed the dryer vent and took the covers off to vacuum the coils and internals to the dryer. After realigning the dryer to vent it was working as it should. I believed I cleared up a potential fire hazard. (While I was at it I did the coils in back of the refrigerator)

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