Clothes for the Displaced

Clothes for the Displaced


Council: 1873 - HOULTON

Project Description:

Several years ago one of our deacons found a youth wandering the streets. The boy had no place to go and only had the clothes on his back. He was evicted from his guardians home. The Deacon took him down to the Parish thrift shop “Good as New” and bought him some clothes. It was decided that this was something that we should fund and have it directed by referral from the rectory so that our Pastor or Deacons would be involved. Within a week of our decision to do this, a mother and her two daughters came to the rectory. They had been evicted from their home without any of their possessions except for the clothes on their back. There was apparently a component of spousal abuse involved with this incident. They were provided with coats, gloves, hats and articles of clothing so that they could function normally while waiting to recover their possessions.

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