Clynk Bottle Redemption Program. 2019-2020 15791

Clynk Bottle Redemption Program. 2019-2020 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Twenty Nine Council Brothers, family members and Parishioners have participated in this years Clynk Redemption Program, at our four churches and our own homes. During our fifth year in this program I have made stops at our local Hannaford Store and picked up Clynk bags. At the same time I scanned our card and received the amount of dollars current in our account. I then went to the check out and picked up more bags, assembled them, and re-stocked the baskets at each church in our Parish. I feel this program is a very nice money maker for the council, and also helps with our Charitable Donation Program. The total monies generated since the council started this program is $2,805.12. With the Lords guidance, this program is working out fine, and also helps those in need, while keeping our environment and road sides cleaner.

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