Coming To The Aid Of A 90 Year Old Community Resident. 15791

Coming To The Aid Of A 90 Year Old Community Resident. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our council brothers, his wife and one other resident reached out and helped a resident who was in need on 6 August 2021 in our senior complex. During the early evening of 6 August this council brother and one other resident heard a smoke detector sounding near their apartment. After stepping outside our brother, his wife and the other resident could smell smoke and also see where it was coming from. Our council brother and the other resident rushed to the apartment, found the tenant inside in her living room, dazed and was having trouble breathing. The resident stepped into the living room, to lift the tenant to the door, and we brought her to safety from the building. Our brother and the resident retrieved her walker from the porch and helped her into it. Our brother’s wife being a retired Paramedic worked with the tenant to make her comfortable. While she was doing that our brother called 911 and request Fire and Rescue help. The tenant was still dazed and having some difficulty breathing, along with the resident upon the Emergency Team’s arrival. The medical crew checked them out and after awhile they both felt better. They were both advised if they had any complications to be sure and call 911, so they could be transported to the hospital. With the tenant being 90 years old she loss track of time as to when she put a pot on the stove to boil water for her meal. The water boiled out of the pot, and thus caused heavy some, and the smoke set the smoke detector off. Our brother, his wife and a couple retired CNA’s keep watch over the two tenants until after midnight, just to be sure they were doing ok. An early morning check found them ok, and thankful for all the assistance from the Emergency Service Teams. Our council brother, and friends within the complex, came to the aid of a complex resident in need, with the guiding hand of our LORD. Praise Be To GOD.

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