Corpus Christi Parish Picnic

Corpus Christi Parish Picnic


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our parish hosted a picnic modeled after the “Taste of Waterville”, where different foods and activities are available at an annual event. Our council was asked to man the grill to provide hotdogs and fried onions to all those who attended. Luckily, the weather was just right for an outside event, with several activities for families and parishioners, as well as the food choices. There was a DJ on site to provide music on request, which led to some dancing by the young at heart. A good time was had by all and, because all three councils were represented during the afternoon, it was another chance for the Knights to shine and be involved. Obviously, there was a good amount of prior planning that went into the event, which included input from the local councils.

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